Where To Buy Lady Gaga’s Pink 'Joanne' Hat If You Want Want To Channel Her Chic Cowgirl Vibes

I've been jamming to Lady Gaga's new album Joanne all week, and I am officially in love with her new tracks — they are completely different than anything she's ever done before. But what made me start listening to the album in the first place was her amazing performance on Saturday Night Live featuring a sparkly pink fringe cowgirl-like outfit. Since all of Gaga's new songs have a country-like twang to them, it makes sense for her to have chosen that pink hat and fringe outfit for her album cover and performance.

There's so many dimensions behind Gaga's new album, like the outfit and title inspiration. For starters, Gaga's new album Joanne is named after her late aunt Joanne Stefani Germanotta who died 12 years before Gaga was even born. The inspiration behind that new album artwork, however, came from Gladys Tamez, an L.A.-based milliner who makes all of her hats by hand and started working with Gaga two years ago on several other projects, according to People. The pink wide-brimmed hat was based on Tamez's 2013 "Fashion icons" capsule collection, and she had no idea it would be used for the album artwork. “It was a complete surprise for me," Tamez said in an interview for People.com "I found out a day before the artwork was released."

Tamez is now offering the hat she renamed "Joanne" on her website for $680.

Gaga's Instagram is full of photos of her new favorite hat!

And here's the now infamous hat by Tamez with a flower embellishment.

Gaga killed it on SNL!

Joanne Limited Edition, $680, Gladys Tamez

If you feel like splurging on Gaga's felt velour and snakeskin hat, it will only be available for a limited time! But if you want to channel Gaga's new vibes, you might want to think about shopping some more affordable alternatives.

1. Magdalena II Hat

Magdalena II Hat, $46, Brixton

This is more of a dark mauve color compared to Gaga's version, but it would look great with all of your neutrals this fall.

2. Morrison Felt Hat

Morrison Felt Hat, $98, Free People

This hat is made by Australian hat label Lack of Color, which specializes in wool hats — it's the perfect duplicate to mimic Gaga's album cover.

3. Villette Trimmed Rancher

Villette Trimmed Rancher, $78, Anthropologie

Even though this rancher hat isn't pink like Gaga's, it's shape and style is similar.

Images: Courtesy of Brands