What Songs Are Missing On The 'Hamilton Mixtape'? Your Musical Favorites May Have Not Made The Cut

You may have thrown away your shot at getting Hamilton tickets sometime within the next century, but the universe is definitely throwing you a bone with the upcoming release of the Hamilton Mixtape . Yes, the glorious tracklist put out by Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter on Thursday boasted as a star-studded roster of artists — Sia, John Legend, Chance The Rapper, Ja Rule and Ashanti — covering and remixing some of the beloved songs from the musical phenomenon. It promises to deliver, no doubt about that. However, there is a downside: There are songs from the Hamilton musical missing from the mixtape.

Now, this probably should have been expected from the get-go. Hamilton: An American Musical has a massive amount of songs jam-packed in there, and to be fair, the Hamilton Mixtape is pretty dense itself. A total of 23 tracks make up the collaboration, and it even includes a handful of unreleased demos from Miranda himself. Regardless, though, there may be one or two of your favorites that simply didn't make the cut, since there are more than 30 numbers from the musical that don't show up on the tape. First, comfort yourself by examining the official track list for the musical below:

Looking great, right? Now, scroll down for the complete list of songs that are not — I repeat, are not — on the Hamilton Mixtape:

  • "Below"
  • "Alexander Hamilton"
  • "Aaron Burr, Sir"
  • "The Story Of Tonight"
  • "The Schulyer Sisters"
  • "Farmer Refuted"
  • "Right Hand Man"
  • "A Winter’s Ball"
  • "The Story of Tonight (Reprise)"
  • "Ten Duel Commandments"
  • "Meet Me Inside"
  • "Guns And Ships"
  • "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)"
  • "What Comes Next?"
  • "Tomorrow There’ll Be More Of Us"
  • "Non-Stop"
  • "What’d I Miss"
  • "Cabinet Battle #1"
  • "Say No To This"
  • "The Room Where It Happens"
  • "Schulyer Defeated"
  • "Cabinet Battle #2"
  • "One Last Time"
  • "I Know Him"
  • "The Adams Administration"
  • "We Know"
  • "Hurricane"
  • "The Reynolds Pamphlet"
  • "Blow Us All Away"
  • "The Election of 1800"
  • "Your Obedient Servant"
  • "Best Of Wives And Best Of Women"
  • "The World Was Wide Enough"
  • "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"

Ugh. That is a substantial chunk, no denying it. Still, maybe this just leaves room for Miranda to push out a Hamilton Mixtape: Part Two in the near future. It doesn't seem like Hamilton-mania is going to be dying down anytime soon, and he has no shortage of famous friends after his success with this Broadway box office hit. My guess is that if you give it another year or two, and tweet hard enough at the Hamilton creator, a sequel mixtape will manifest on the (digital) shelves. Hell, I feel like the distinct lack of Jennifer Lopez on the current album almost promises there will be another.

The Hamilton Mixtape is available for pre-order Friday, Nov. 4, with the official release date rumored to be Dec. 2, according to a Billboard article (which cited an Amazon UK listing that has since been edited). Make sure to snag a copy, because if ticket sales are any indication, it may have to be your fill of Hamilton for a long while.

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