Jackson Helps April Date On 'Grey's Anatomy' & It's Weird For Both Of Them

Will Shonda Rhimes ever just let April and Jackson be happy together on Grey’s Anatomy? Sure, they had their differences, but now they have an adorable, healthy baby girl named Harriet and they’re living together and mostly getting along! Well, okay — they’re living together because Jackson is rich and has a big-ass house and so they can co-parent their baby effectively. Too bad things are getting a little awkward. Jackson is helping April date on Grey’s Anatomy , and it’s not the most comfortable of situations.

Why would it be? They were married, they’re co-parenting, and now they’re under one roof while trying to pretend that they don’t love each other even a little bit (that’s my story for them and I’m sticking to it, okay?). April is on Tinder and she has a date — yay! But when she has Jackson watch Harriet, he knows what’s going on and asks her about it. Then, in the strangest of all moves, he wants to know how the date goes afterwards! I know it’s only because he doesn’t want her to date, really, but then Jackson goes all King Solomon and encourages April to go out with some guy instead of sitting on the couch eating nachos with him. What person would give up eating a giant platter of nachos while wearing sweatpants and sitting on the couch with a man that looks like Jesse Williams? I’d be the first in line for that date night. I also wouldn’t swipe left on Jackson Avery like April did (“Well, you are…really close to me” was so funny), but that’s just me.


I’m happy that at least it seems that Grey’s Anatomy is slowly bringing April and Jackson back together. Their baby is good, they’re getting along, and even Catherine is being nice to April. That’s a big deal for them. The wounds are slowly healing, and I hope that love blooms between Jackson and April once again. Who wants to be on Tinder forever, anyway?

Images: ABC; Giphy