Here's The Solo Deal Re: Glossier's Black Tie Set

New Glossier product drops are always met with excitement, mania, and OK, let's be honest, disciple-like devotion from the brand's legion of diehards. Glossier dropped the Black Tie Set for Holiday 2016. The $50, limited edition collection features four makeup items, three of which (!!!) are new products the brand has never issued before, along with a new shade of a previously existing product. That's right — the Glossier Black Tie Set finds the company offering its first-ever eyeliner, lip gloss, and nail polish. While the set is expertly executed and coordinated for the holiday party season, what about Glossier lovers who only want one or two of the products, as opposed to all four? Are the Glossier Black Tie Set products sold separately?

As of right now, the products in the Glossier Black Tie set are only sold together as a unit via the Glossier site, which is the brand's sole sales platform. The individual items are not available for sale on their own. Glossier even notes in the product description that the Black Tie Set has been produced in limited quantities and will only be available through 2016 while supplies last.

Bustle reached out to Glossier PR reps to inquire about whether or not Black Tie Set products would enjoy solo encores in the future.

That said, let's "ooh" and "aah" over the items that comprise Glossier's Black Tie Set.

There's the No. 1 Pencil in Graphite, which is a legit debut. Glosser hasn't done eye makeup before. Theirs is a soft black shade with just a hint of shine and is named after pencil lead. The creamy, gel formula doesn't pull, drag, or skip. Glossier's motto is "skin first, makeup second" and Graphite adheres to that tenet.

The Black Tie collection also introduces lip gloss to the repertoire of offerings. The first-ever Glossier gloss is practically clear and adds megawatt, glassy shine to your pout with a single coat. Glossiers Generation G matte stain lipsticks are a hit with fans, so I am predicting the same fate for the gloss.

The third and final new Glossier product is the nail polish in #glossierpink. Powder pink is Glossier's signature shade, from the website to the branding to the reusable (and separately purchasable) pink zipper pouches in which products are shipped. That's why a pink lip gloss and nail lacquer had to happen.

The Black Tie Set also boasts the Moonstone Haloscope highlighter. Haloscopes are existing Glossier products, which add the faintest dewy sheen to skin. The color, however, is new!

Since Glossier is always about details, from the repurposable packaging and beyond, the Black Tie Set comes with a party-ready, black satin bow tie, which you can tie in your hair, around your neck, your wrist, whatever. Use it as an accessory or for decor as you wish.

While it's understandable to want to pick and choose which Glossier Black Tie products you want (or need to stock up on when you run out), you can't go wrong with the set as a whole.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (5)