Is The Election Ruining Your Sex Life?

by Kristine Fellizar

If you’re like me and can’t wait until it’s finally over, here’s another reason to want it to end sooner. As a new survey found, this election is affecting Americans' sex drives. I guess nightmares about living in Donald Trump’s America tends to do that to some people — or maybe it’s just me.

Sexual health and fertility app Kindara conducted a survey of 928 women in the U.S. on their political affiliations and sexual histories during the 2016 campaign. As the survey found, some Americans’ sex lives have been negatively impacted by the election. Nearly one in five women who identify as Democrats say all the negativity surrounding the campaigns have had a negative impact in the bedroom. Only nine percent of Republicans felt the same.

“At Kindara we are always looking for new opportunities to give women tools, knowledge and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals,” Dr. Raychel Muenke, EVP of Kindara tells Bustle. “We thought this survey would be a fun and timely way to engage with our Kindara App users, while providing a snapshot as to how this year’s Presidential campaign is impacting American women’s lives behind the closed doors of the bedroom.”

1. More People Would Rather Have Sex Than Watch The Debates

Who here learned anything substantial from those three presidential debates? Entertaining? Most definitely. Educational? Not so much. So, it’s not really too surprising to see that most women would rather have sex (67 percent of Republicans, 50 percent of Democrats) than watch the debates. Besides, the sex is probably better for your brain anyway.

2. Voting Versus Having Sex On Election Day

The survey found 45 percent of women who identify as Republicans are most looking forward to having sex on Election Day than voting. Only 25 percent of Democrats could say the same. Judging by how the polls are going, it does makes sense why. However, voting is important and nothing should discourage you from making your voice heard.

3. Democrats Are More Open To Having Relationships Outside Of Their Political Party

Only 16 percent of Republicans would be open to “sleeping with the enemy” versus 33 percent of Democrats. A Plenty of Fish survey conducted earlier this year also found only one-third of women would be open to dating a Trump supporter —and that was way before “Grab them by the pussy” happened. So I will say this particular election does make it pretty difficult to empathize with the other side.

4. A Bad Economy Is Bad For The Sex Life, While Positivity Does It Some Good

The survey found that 21 percent of women say good economic news positively impacted their sex lives while bad economic news negatively affected them.

5. Four Percent Of Women Would Delay Pregnancy Due To The Results Of The Election

Among the women who said they would, 56 percent of them were Democrats and 18 percent were Republicans.

6. Democrats Are More Affected By Campaign Negativity Than Republicans

Overall, 19 percent of Democrats say the election has negatively impacted their sex lives. On the other hand, only nine percent of Republicans could say the same.

I’m pretty sure most of us are quickly reaching the point of election burnout, if you aren’t there already. This study shows that for some, the election season has impacted us in more ways than one. But good news is, if it's taking a toll on your sex drive, it’s almost over. Finally.

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