The One ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Clue You Definitely Missed Proves Rebecca Needs To Ditch Josh Permanently

Things are spiraling out of control for Rebecca on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and her situation is only getting more dire. Her romantic fantasies are bleeding into her personal life in a way that affected many of her close relationships. This week's episode was all about seeing signs. What if Rebecca actually missed out on the one sign that could have solved her problems weeks ago? That's right: there's one huge detail that you missed that proves Rebecca isn't meant to be with Josh. Heck, she probably isn't meant to be with Greg, either. More on that later.

Alright, let's dive into some fan theory territory. If you've been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from the very beginning, you'll recall Rebecca's little monologue about why she moved West Covina. When she describes what it was like seeing Josh for the first time since she was 16 years old, she says the feeling was like "glitter was exploding" inside of her. This feeling is the one that contributed to her moving to West Covina, setting off the events of Season 1. This description is important because it came up again in the Season 2 premiere, only this time it was Greg who said it.

At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Greg recounted his alcoholic history. He described his first encounters with alcohol feeling like glitter was exploding inside of him. It's a very clear image, to be sure. For Greg, this very specific feeling — this intense, fiery, fleeting feeling — was tied directly to the thing that was harming him. That shared feeling should have been an immediate indicator to Rebecca that she and Josh were not meant to be together. What's morbidly amusing to boot about this entire situation is that Rebecca was eavesdropping on Greg's own AA speech when he mentioned this feeling and she failed to connect the dots.

An explosion of anything is hardly a positive thing. In Rebecca's case, explosions in her moods have led to disastrous occurrences. This glittery explosion that Greg and Rebecca have both felt are inextricably linked to self-destructive behaviors. While Greg has already realized that glittery explosion is a harmful behavior, it seems Rebecca is willfully ignorant of her own explosion's effects. The power to recognize her harmful habits came as a sign presented in the testimony of one of her love interests, yet through the mere fact that she often gets in her own way, Rebecca failed to see it. One thing is glaringly obvious: Rebecca is definitely not meant to be with Josh and, for her own sake, she probably isn't meant to be with Greg.

We're barely a quarter of the way through the second season and already Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is giving us big clues of what's to come. If we missed this "glittery explosion" clue as easily as Rebecca did, what other omens have we overlooked?

Image: Robert Voets, Scott Everett White/The CW