'Orphan Black' Meets '30 Rock' in Mash-Up Video

There's gotta be some crossover in the Venn Diagram of Orphan Black and 30 Rock fans, right? Sure, they're two totally different shows — one's an action-packed sci-fi drama following a bunch of illegal science experiment clones, the other a half hour comedy about bringing Liz Lemon some ham —but when spliced together? Magic happens. Or at least, magic enough to convince us to write 200 or so words on its very existence.

I mean, when you think about it, Tina Fey and Tatiana Maslany totally have a lot in common. Like... they have brown hair? Oh! Their fans are freakishly and obsessively in love with them: exalting both women as beacons of hope and greatness for ladies in television everywhere. And, well, they're both funny! That much is evidenced by Fey's mere existence, and Maslany's own acting roots are improv-based — in addition to an adorably charming turn on another wonderful NBC show, Parks and Recreation . (Anyone else waiting for her Tom Haverford love interest to return to Pawnee?) Anyway: lots in common, lots of reasons to love both women. So yeah, that about covers it, I guess. And since we're already nearing our word minimum and we don't want to over or undersell the video we're just going to stop right here. So watch the opening credits retool riiiiiiight...NOW:

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