Rory's Job Could Change In The 'GG' Revival

by Emily Lackey

Brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans, because the answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself ever since it was announced that new episodes of your favorite show were coming to Netflix may be here. And, no, I’m not talking about who Rory Gilmore ends up with. Get ahold of yourselves, please, and remember what is really important: Rory's job in the Gilmore Girls revival. There have been plenty of hints as to what our girl is up to professionally in the four new episodes coming to Netflix on November 25, but nothing as telling as the recent behind-the-scenes stills that were released on Sunday. These photos show some serious signs that Rory might be an editor in the new episodes.

There are two in particular that could reveal the truth behind Rory’s professional situation in the new episodes. Even though the trailer suggests that Rory might be struggling to find herself, these pictures tell a completely different story. Like the one in which Rory is holding a stack of freshly printed newspapers in her arms. She is talking on the phone while her friend, Lane Kim, looks on, one of the newspapers already in her hand. Could this mean that Rory is the editor of the Stars Hollow newspaper?

The two are clearly standing in a famous Stars Hollow spot in the front yard of Mrs. Kim’s antiques shop. Plus, why else would she have a stack of newspapers in her hand with what also looks like some form of official paperwork?

There’s another shot, too, that makes it look like Rory might be heading up the editor’s desk at a local newspaper. The picture shows Rory sitting at a desk with nameplate in front. Now granted, it's not her name on that nameplate. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not Rory's desk. Given the outdated nature of the décor (look at that old-school computer), it might mean that Rory is conducting modern takeover of the town newspaper. And, for that, she is definitely qualified. She was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News during her time at the Ivy League institution, and she ran the team with panache.

But for those of you wondering if this could be a shot from London (the trailer included a few that had fans guessing whether Rory would be abroad in the revival), the cars in the window behind her are definitely American. Not to mention the biggest clue of all: the word “Gazette” written on that same window. Could it be the offices of the Stars Hollow Gazette? I hope so.

Whether or not these pictures point to a return to the editor's desk, one thing we found out for sure on Monday is that Rory Gilmore is definitely still in the editorial world. In an exclusive interview with Glamour , Alexis Bledel admitted that Rory's profession, at least at the beginning of the four episodes, is as a freelancer: "She’s now a freelancer and doesn’t write about politics anymore. Journalism changed and she has to get used to it, it changes her whole life. She is traveling and working a lot, she’s looking for good stories to write about and she’s still very ambitious."

That's a big reveal for what Rory is doing professionally during these episodes, but it doesn't necessarily rule out taking over for a small town paper. Especially since Amy Sherman-Palladino said exclusively in an interview with TVLine in February that Richard's death acts as the catalyst in these new episodes to bring the three Gilmore women together and to get them to change. Could a longer stint at home be in Rory's future?

Thankfully we only have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure, but I think editorial work may definitely be in Rory’s future.

Image: Netflix; Giphy