Mark Ballas Returns To 'Dancing With The Stars' & It's All To Help Out Pal Derek Hough

Being on Dancing With The Stars is like being in the mafia — you can try to leave, but you can never really get out. Mark Ballas knows that, as he returned to Dancing With The Stars Showstoppers Week (aka Week 9 of the competition) to help out Derek Hough and Marilu Henner with their Dancing With The Stars performance. What better way to boost your dance than by pulling your best pal from Broadway?

Mark has always been one of the most popular cast dancers on Dancing With The Stars, but he elected to sit this season out because he had bigger fish to fry — namely, a starring role in the closing company of Jersey Boys on Broadway. The show ends in January, and Mark will be walking like a man until the end of its run. In Week 9, Marilu and Derek elected to do a samba, and they knew just the people to provide live musical accompaniment with “December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)” — the cast of Jersey Boys! I guess it worked, because Marilu and Derek were heavily complimented by the judges and received some pretty nice scores. I have to admit that I’m a little biased because I love Jersey Boys and Mark Ballas, so I think their performance was especially wonderful.

All of this really made me miss Mark Ballas! I mean no offense to Derek Hough or anything, but Mark always had the most inventive choreography and interesting musical choices. I know he’s off living his Broadway dream and everything, but think about your fans at home, Mark! We want to see you on television! Come back to us!