Elena's Bible Holds Clues On 'Jane The Virgin' & Michael Is Putting The Pieces Together

Whether or not he was downplaying his emotions during "Chapter 48," the fact is that Rafael's mom is dead on Jane the Virgin. But before Elena died, she offered one very important, and very cryptic, clue. As she was dying by poison in her jail cell, she presented a Bible and said the words, "My son" repeatedly. Well, since Elena was killed by Rose, there's no way the Miami PD isn't looking into this and Michael is on the case.

As Rafael noted in the beginning of "Chapter 48," he doesn't understand the connection to the Bible because his mother was not a religious woman. That would be because Elena was actually Mutter, a crime lord with a penchant for murder. So while it makes sense that another crime lord, Sin Rostro, would want her dead, it doesn't make sense that this unreformed villain was finding God in her final moments.

Yet, the message of the Bible most likely has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the words that Elena was able to highlight in the book before she died. As police officer Dennis Chambers explained to Michael, "They combed through it page by page — four underlined words from four different passages." The four words? "Angels," "guard, "the," and "son" — or as the narrator pointed out, it could also be "sun." So we not only have a cryptic message, but we've got wordplay too. Typical, Jane the Virgin.

While Michel and viewers will hopefully know if the word is "sun" or "son" soon since Michael seeing the highlighted word in the Bible would clear up this homophone confusion, logic tells me it should be "son." After all, Elena had been saying "my son" before she died (unless it was "my sun," which makes less sense) and with her alias meaning mother in German, there seems to be more significance if she's speaking about a child. Plus, she has two actual sons — Rafael, who honestly, could always be in some sort of danger based on his family's shenanigans, and Derek, who was on Rose's kill list too. Not to mention, Elena did have a grandson in Mateo (ah! he better not be in danger!) and could it also be possible that Rafael has another brother? It's Jane the Virgin — anything is possible!

Yet, going with the obvious meaning is not usually the best plan for figuring out the twists of Jane the Virgin. (Honestly, based on the show's track record, I'm not even confident that Elena is really, truly dead.) As Elena was never very maternal, her final message could also have something to do with money or property — like an angel statue protects some asset of hers and sun is a code word for this valuable item.

Either way, "son" or "sun," Michael will be back to police duty before we know it. And while Jane won't be happy, there's no way that Michael isn't going to do everything in his power to figure out Elena's dying message and how Rose connects to all of this — and fans will be right there with him trying to solve the mystery.

Images: The CW, Tyler Golden/The CW