Billy Gilman Proves He Can Win 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

Every once in a while a The Voice contestant comes along that is practically perfect. They are just so flawless that it seems almost impossible that they aren't already famous. While a contestant like this doesn't come around every season, one definitely came along this season— and his name is Billy Gilman. Team Adam's Gilman is The Voice Season 11's "destined for stardom" contestant and, at this point in the game, it seems almost impossible that he won't win.

This season of The Voice is packed full of talent, but Gilman rises above the rest. I swear, every time he opens his mouth an angel gets its wings. His voice possesses a quality that is unmatched by many. His sound is pure, powerful and, as Coach Adam put it, "unbelievable to the ear." Simply put, Gilman's voice is pure magic. But it's not just his voice that's impressive. It's also his incredible stage presence and humble personality that make him stand out. Gilman presents himself as an all-around amazing person and amazing singer, which is why he has earned himself the title of Season 11's all-star front-runner.

As mentioned before, an artist like Gilman doesn't come around every season. The last artist of this kind on The Voice was Season 9's Jordan Smith. It seemed as if the Team Adam singer won his season as soon as he stepped on stage for his Blind Audition. He won over the coaches and America immediately with his show-stopping rendition of Sia's "Chandelier" and continued to impress them every week after. Similarly, Gilman grabbed the attention of viewers everywhere with his moving performance of Adele's "When We Were Young" in the Blind Auditions. He has continued to gain momentum week after week with amazing performance after amazing performance. Will Gilman's fate echo Smith's? It's beginning to look like it.

Tonight's Top 20 performance may have been Gilman's best yet—which is why the coaches unanimously agreed that he deserved a spot in the Top 12. And the viewers agreed, too. With nearly eleven thousand retweets, Gilman received the most Twitter votes of any of the Top 20. He, obviously, advanced into the Top 12 and there's no way he's stopping here. There's no doubt Gilman will come back with an even better performance next week and the week after that. Unless one of his competitors pulls out some major tricks in the next few weeks, it's almost guaranteed that Gilman will take the title of The Voice Season 11 champion.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC