Jamie Lee Curtis’ Hillary Clinton Instagram Shares The Only Message That You Need To Hear On Election Day

It's Election Day 2016, and it's all hands on deck to make sure that Americans get out to exercise their right to vote. For Jamie Lee Curtis, that means reminding us why Hillary Clinton is the right choice for president. In a heartfelt Instagram post made early on Election Day, a black-and-white photo of Curtis and Clinton gave fans something sweet and powerful to look at. While the photo itself is empowering — two fiercely independent women, who have built strong careers and even stronger personas — it's Curtis' caption that perhaps makes the best salient point about choosing who to vote for in this election.

"This election is serious. She is serious. She listens. She thinks. She cares. She will listen to the American people," Curtis writes. The Scream Queens actress not only drives home the simple, positive, and key assets Clinton brings to her candidacy, but she also reminds us that Clinton is the candidate who undeniably cares for all Americans. It's been noted that Clinton's biggest asset is her ability to listen — a unique quality in a politician – and that should drive voters to consider Clinton more legitimately when heading into the voting booth. Even Curtis' simple reminder at just how serious this election is is enough to drive home the immediacy of voting to those who see this photo.

Curtis continues, "She will think about us. U.S. These United States. She will listen and think and care for people who opposed her too. She is an amazing woman who deserves our support." By driving home that Clinton will put the "us" back in "U.S.," the actress reminds us that the Democratic nominee is a not merely a woman striving for change. She is a woman who, time and again, has proven that she will protect every citizen's rights, regardless of political leanings, because we are all citizens in one nation.

Curtis has been documenting her avid support on her personal Instagram for months now. Whether she's posing with Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, or taking a second to post a Clinton pic, the actress is always on brand. Her resounding support of Clinton is inspiring, positive, and thought-provoking in the best kind of way. It's people like Curtis, who is using her visibility to remind us of what's at stake and why we need to vote, that make this wild election feel just a bit more sane. Isn't that what we need in times like this? I certainly think so.