19 Election Day Outfits That Prove Democracy Is Stylish AF — PHOTOS

With voting in full swing and the future of America at stake, it might be easy to overlook the Election Day outfits people are wearing. Your wardrobe can speak volumes — think of the significance behind Hillary Clinton's white pantsuit to the debate on Taylor Swift's Election Day sweater. Ballots aside, Americans are coming together to make history — and all through the power of threads. The world is a runway after all, and for many, Election Day fashion is the real deal.

While scavenging through Instagram for Election Day ensembles, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who went above and beyond to showcase their patriotic colors. For some, a mere I Voted sticker was enough of a fashion statement. However, for others, red, white, and blue reigned supreme. There is certainly no shortage of stars and stripes, and of course, a healthy serving of pantsuits à la Madam Secretary.

Americans are bringing their A-game when it comes to polling day outfits. Meanwhile, here I am, stalking the #ElectionDay hashtag in jeans, sneakers, and a denim jacket because I slept past my alarm this morning (is anyone surprised). While we anxiously wait for tonight's big moment (cue ominous soundtrack), take a look at some of the best Election Day looks across the country.

1. Lady In Leather

One can never do wrong in a killer moto jacket — time to vote and destroy.

2. Sneaker Spirit

Because your kicks deserve a dose of patriotism too.

3. Pinned & Dangerous

A subtle yet playful way to pledge loyalty — plus, the more, the merrier.

4. Braveheart

Embracing your inner Nasty Woman has never looked better.

5. Star Quality

Instantly transform your voting uniform from AM to PM with a trusty faux-fur coat.

6. Racing Stripes

Make Betsy Ross proud with an American classic: stripes. Stars optional.

7. Pretty In Prep

Sweaters are a tried and true option, but what about one done in good ol' American flair?

8. Hats On

When snapbacks meet US politics.

9. Peace, Love, and Politics

Trust me, there's nothing I love more than a sleek, all-white sneaker, but this variety has captured my heart too.

10. Power Dressing

No pantsuit, no problem.

11. Read Me

Dismantling the patriarchy, one slogan tee at a time.

12. Playing With Fire

Take a sartorial tip from Hillz herself — go red hot or go home.

13. Bohemian Queen

Pantsuits have no rules. Give it in your own spin, whether that means a boho treatment or not.

14. Catchphrase Chic

Let the shirt do all the talking.

15. Important Baggage

A quality tote bag does wonders — and also very handy for holding reading material as you wait in eternity at the polling booths.

16. Boss Babe Material

File under: add to wardrobe ASAP.

17. May The Force Be With You

If there's a Star Wars reference involved, I am already sold.

18. Throwback Tuesday

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling extreme flashback Hillary vibes with this ensemble.

19. The Ultimate DIY

Is there a Project Runway x Election Day episode yet?

Images: Instagram