How To Join A Hillary Clinton Call Team


OK, team. Election Day is here. If you are someone who deals with anxiety by confronting it head on and counting down the hours until the polls to close is driving you crazy, I have some good news: There is still work to be done. There is still a difference to be made. Here's how to join a Hillary Clinton Call Team and make sure that every possible person gets their voice heard today, because it's never been more important.

At this point in the election, mercifully close to its end, the point of phone banks isn't really to convince folks to switch their votes. Their minds are made up in terms of who they'll be punching the ballot for, and probably have been for some time. Making direct contact on Election Day is to remind voters to actually cast their vote, and to urge any people apprehensive about participating in the election to do so — to please, please, please do so. Especially in particularly tight races, these calls, and the votes that they rake in, can actually make the difference in terms of who ultimately comes out on top.

Nervous about talking on the phone? I feel you. Phone calls to people I know and like are hard enough; calling strangers in the dying hours of one of the most vitriolic election cycles in a generation? Yikes. But the good news is that, as is true with most election call tools, Hillary Clinton's campaign has created a script for you to follow that alleviates at some of the tongue-tied moments.

So... are you ready? Here are four ways to do it.

Register with Hillary Clinton's Call Tool

First, head to the Call Tool page on Hillary Clinton's website. Follow the instructions for making an account, then open your email and click through the confirmation link. Voila! You are now ready to do one of the below.

Participate In A Phone Bank

Especially in swing states where the race margin is razor thin, phone banks can be a last-minute way of reaching undecided or apprehensive voters. Once you choose a state in which to make your calls, you'll be provided a name, a number, and an annotated script with tips on how to handle specific situations. Though phone banks are available in every state, it's within swing states like Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, that these calls are particularly necessary.

Join An Existing Call Team

Most of these call teams, many of which are thousands strong, have been making calls for weeks, and at this point require an "invitation link" for new people to join. A few like Miley Cyrus', though, can be joined directly through Hillary Clinton's call tool.

You'll be making the same types of calls, with similar scripts, as you would have been going solo in the phone banks, but if you're someone who thrives on tangible teamwork, joining a call team is probably more your speed.

Start Your Own Call Team

Sure, it's last minute, but calls made are calls made! Fill out the Call Team registration form here, invite friends, and begin making calls. You got this.

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