Rihanna's "I'm With Her" T-Shirt Is Too Cool

This presidential election has brought about some majorly cool fashion trends. From the Nasty Woman tees to everything the celebrities are wearing to show their support, there are tons of stylish items that you need to snatch up, stat. Find out where to buy Rihanna’s “I’m With Her” t-shirt so that you can support presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as fashionably as RiRi herself.

She was seen rocking this super meta top on Nov. 8. The tee has a picture of Rihanna wearing a t-shirt with Clinton’s face on it. So, like I said, meta, right? She paired the shirt with a longline fur coat and some of the Puma fur slides she designed. Now, it just doesn’t get cooler than that.

The Haus of Rihanna Instagram account pointed out that her shirt is from the brand BASE DTLA. The white longsleeve version RiRi wore retails for $60, but you can also purchase a short sleeve version for just $40. There’s also short and longsleeve options in black, as well. At the time of publication, each style was still available to shop online. So, get ready to rock the vote and then strut your stuff in a dope piece of clothing. Because if it’s good enough for Rihanna, it’s good enough for the rest of us!

YAS, RiRi, just YAS.

Lena Dunham's also been seen wearing this, so it's safe to say this is the piece of election-based fashion you need in your life.

#ImWithHer Longsleeve, $60, BASE DTLA

Grab the same shirt she wore when you scoop up the longsleeve version. Be sure to get it before it sells out!

#ImWithHer T-Shirt, $40, BASE DTLA

You can also cop a short sleeve one for a little cheaper.

#ImWithHer Black Longsleeve, $70, BASE DTLA

Find the product in black, too. No matter which option you choose, there's no wrong way to go here.

What would Rih do this election day? Show the best support possible, of course.

Smash it like RiRi when you shop these tees and more at the BASE DTLA website.

Images: Courtesy BASE DTLA (3)