Jennifer Lawrence Visited Student Voters In The Strangest Way — PHOTO

Leave it to J. Law to take the 2016 presidential election to a whole new level. Jennifer Lawrence visited student voters on Election Day, but not in the way you're thinking. Thanks to Twitter, Duke University students alerted the world that Lawrence's rumored boyfriend, director and producer Darren Aronofsky, walked around campus Tuesday, Nov. 8 encouraging everyone to vote. First of all, let's applaud him for that. Now, let's talk about how his technique of getting others to vote included him offering these students a chance to FaceTime with Joy star if they went and voted.

Whoa, say what now? Where was I when this was happening? Oh, that's right, not anywhere near Duke University and voting without anyone offering sweet incentives, but still, how amazing is that? Duke freshman Ethan Udell told E! News that about 15 to 20 students FaceTimed with J. Law. If you think they just chatted about politics, you'd be wrong. Per Udell, they discussed a variety of topics, including The Hunger Games. Yeah, she's just that cool.

"Darren flew in this morning from New York to try to get more students to vote, since North Carolina is a swing state and Duke had its lowest student early voting numbers since 2008," Udell said. "They walked around promoting voting all day." Apparently, Aronofsky "even called cars for kids to head to the voting location," Udell revealed. Now that is dedication to the election and a great way to show young individuals the importance of voting.

If you take a look at the photo above shared by Udell, the Oscar-winning actor seems to be super pumped to chat with the students. Also, is that a voting sticker over her eye? I wouldn't put it past her. Another Duke student tweeted, "When Jennifer Lawrence's boyfriend is on campus bribing students to go vote in exchange for a FaceTime with her."

Before he even got to campus, Aronofsky teased his arrival on Twitter. On Monday, Nov. 7 he wrote, "history will be made in #northcarolina. join me tomorrow at DUKE university chapel 1130-5pm to get a ride to the polls #dukevotes #imwithher."

I think it's safe to say that he definitely made history by encouraging students to vote and by rewarding others with a Jennifer Lawrence FaceTime session.