Can Hillary Clinton Win The Election If Trump Wins Florida & Ohio? Here's The Breakdown

If you've been following tonight's election coverage, you know that it is proving to be a serious nail-biter, with odds of a win by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump flipping back and forth seemingly nonstop on all major election prediction sites. Trump seems primed to potentially win battleground sites Florida and Ohio, which leads many election-watchers to wonder: if Trump pulls Ohio and Florida, will Clinton still have any chance of winning? Or is the election essentially called for Trump? The answer is yes, Clinton still has a chance — but only if a few other specific states swing her way.

Clinton's path to a Florida and Ohio-less victory would include winning battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. A Florida win would be very helpful for Clinton, allowing her to more easily weather potential losses in Michigan and Pennsylvania. But it's not required; if a few more states swing her way, she could still win the election. You can see a potential breakdown on Bustle politics writer Seth Millstein's map below:

So is this election still terrifying for Clinton supporters? You'd better believe it (I say this as a Clinton supporter who is legitimately shaking at her computer). But we can't count Clinton out quite yet, even if Ohio and Florida slip out of her grasp. Looks like we're in for a very long night.

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