As The Election Results Roll In, It’s OK To Be Terrified

If you're like the millions of Americans anxiously awaiting the results of Tuesday's presidential election, obsessively refreshing online electoral maps or checking news channel's projections, you've been through a lot tonight. Between the uncertainty, the surprises, and the nail-biting suspense, your emotions have likely been all over the place — but through everything, please remember that it's OK to have feelings right now.

With so much at stake, it's not surprising that election night in America is an emotional time. Everyone in the country has something to win, and, more importantly, something to lose — whether it be the right to make your own healthcare decisions or the ability to keep your family together in the country. It's a huge decision, and one that is out of your hands after your vote is cast. It can leave anyone feeling kind of helpless.

If you're sitting in your living room, feeling that sick, sinking feeling in your stomach; if you're pacing around your apartment, blood pumping with fury; if you don't know how you feel, you just know you're confused; I want to be the one to tell you that you aren't alone. It's OK to be sad, it's OK to feel lost, it's OK to feel angry — it's only natural to be emotional.


It's not natural, however, and it's not OK let your emotions get the best of you. It's not OK to get mean or violent, to threaten or to bully. If this election has taught us anything, it's that we could all stand to be a little kinder.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy