7 Comforting Quotes From Your Mom To Get You Through A Trump Presidency

Chances are, if you are an American who cares about things like fighting for equality and respect for all people regardless of race, gender, or identity, the idea of Donald Trump being president for the next four years is something you are finding impossibly hard to stomach right now — as in, you feel physically nauseous and want nothing more than to crawl under your favorite childhood blanket and just sit this next term out. When you were younger and felt your tiny world caving in around you, the next step seemed obvious — go hit up Mom so she can make things better. And, even though you are now a fully grown adult, a comforting quote from Mom could still be exactly what you need right now to remember that yes, terrible as things may seem, you are going to be OK.

Hear me out — moms are the best. They know exactly what to say, even when you don't want them to say anything at all. Their words have a weird tendency to make you feel better no matter what, mostly because most moms have the unique ability to remind you that you are important, that you are valuable, and that you are not alone in this world, despite what misogynist politicians who care bigly and purely about themselves and little else might tell you.

Sure, not everyone's mom is the same. But here are a few common mom-isms that just might be loud enough to drown out the roar of Donald Trump's bizarre and blustery —and frankly, dangerous — rhetoric that's blaring in so many people's heads. Take comfort in these mom sayings to get you through today, tomorrow, and the next four years.

"You are important."

This is one of those things moms tend to say all the time, to the point where you probably stop listening. But, now is a particularly crucial time to let those words marinate. The president-elect of our country has repeatedly made statements that degrade and belittle women and their accomplishments. In the face of this type of literally soul-crushing negativity coming from a person our nation has chosen to put its support behind, it's time to listen to your mother, cheesy though it may sound — because you are important. Your opinion matters. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

"Use your brain."

Yes, you're a Millennial living in the age of social media and are bombarded daily by every single thought every single person has ever felt inclined to post on the internet, but you're a smart person. A tremendously smart person, in fact. As your mom has likely reminded you countless times before, you have a beautiful brain capable of thinking for itself. Make sure you're using it to its full capacity — especially now, when others may be quick to try to sway your opinion or get you to think a certain way.

"Make your own decisions."

This is one of those popular mom sayings that usually goes along with "use your brain," and yeah, it can seem pretty eye roll-worthy when she says it. But again, it's more important than ever to think for yourself right now.

"Eat something."

This is stereotypical sitcom mom to the max, but it raises a good point. When you're feeling stressed or anxious, self-care is key. Not feeling so great about the state of affairs right now? Go grab a huge bowl of mac and cheese, and then come back to me. Everything seems more doable when you're comfortable and fed.

"Have a wonderful day."

I get it — things are looking bleak right now. It may seem like there is nothing but dark times ahead, but I promise you this isn't the end... and your mom promises too. I'm almost 30 years old, and my mom still texts me almost every morning to remind me to have a wonderful day, and no matter what I actually have going on, no matter how impossible it seems to carry out those words, it still feels good to know that someone is rooting for me.

"You can accomplish anything you want."

Moms know that their kids can achieve whatever they want to achieve — and they're not wrong. While the future right now seems like a mess, while it seems like more hurdles are going up when it comes to breaking down barriers than they are being cleared, and that very real challenges may not only pause progress that's been made in the last two decades, but unravel it completely, it's important to know that your goals are real, your dreams are real, and it's within your every right to pursue them passionately and fully. Hillary Clinton may not have won the election, but it doesn't make her campaign — and the many milestones she achieved along the way — any less historic.

"I love you."

Whatever you're feeling right now — stress, fear, uncertainty — you are not alone. Let me say it again for good measure, you are not alone. Take time to mourn or be angry, if that's what you need. Ultimately, though, love is what will help us beat hate, no matter who is at the helm of this country. So, tell someone how much you love them. Show support to organizations that promote kindness, humanity, and solidarity. Let Donald Trump know that hateful rhetoric doesn't win — and never will. Mom says so.

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