Which H&M x Kenzo Items Are Still Available? There Are Plenty Of Pieces To Choose From

The most recent H&M designer mashups, which are the perfect execution of high x low and accessible fast fashion, have sold out instantly. The 2014 Alexander Wang collection was a swift-moving hit, while H&M's 2015-issued Balmain collab caused a serious shopping frenzy known as "Balmainia." That range sold out super quickly and was preceded by tons and tons of buzz. H&M opted to go with Kenzo for its Fall 2016 collab and while the luxe brand is beloved, it's not quite as buzzy nor does it have the same recognition as Wang or Balmain. That's to Kenzo's credit — it's got that cred and the mainstream isn't quite so aware... yet! A collab with H&M has certainly cast a brighter, bigger spotlight on Kenzo.

H&M x Kenzo landed last week and it's not totally sold out, despite being comprised of fashion-forward prints and bold pieces for the adventurously fashionable. Which pieces are still available?

Most of them, actually. Hardly any of the pieces are totally sold out on the H&M site. So if you are interested in this collabo, you can proceed to shop and add H&M x Kenzo to your closet, your wardrobe, and your life.

You can still grab dresses, flip flops, tees, and more.

These adventurous pieces are shoppable.

This tiered dress, which is one of the pricier pieces, is also still available.

The print leggings, shades, bracelets, and more are there for the taking.

You have plenty of choices, as these screen grabs from the H&M site indicate. Head over to H&M's site to shop the Kenzo collection. If you are fashion-forward and take style risks, you will find lots of satisfying pieces.

Images: Courtesy of H&M (5)