Biden And Obama Shared A Chummy Moment

During President Barack Obama's post-election speech from the White House, he and Vice President Joe Biden shared a moment of chumminess. In talking about disappointment at the results, Obama remarked that he had "lost elections before" and then added, "Joe hasn't" with a smile. Perhaps only half-jokingly, Biden made the sign of the cross before walking up to Obama, laughing and giving him a hug, saying "I remember you beat me badly."

The cute moment was the perfect illustration of Obama and Biden's working relationship over the past eight years, trying even in hard times to keep a spirit of good humor about them. After the speech Obama and Biden walked away from the media with their arms around each other.

Twitter users watching the speech immediately noted the moment as a tender one and a reminder of the support that Obama and Biden have shown one another over the course of their two terms. The two's closeness has often been described as a "bromance" and Biden even gave Obama a friendship bracelet for the president's birthday in August. Perhaps the biggest testament to their friendship is that Biden chose Obama to give the eulogy at Biden's son Beau's funeral in 2015.

Obama and Biden have certainly gone through and seen a lot together over the past eight years. On a day like today and in a speech like the one Obama just gave, it's nice to see that through it all they haven't lost their sense of humor or respect for one another. Let's hope that in the coming months Obama and Biden can set the tone for how the country moves forward after they both move out of the White House.