Will 'The Real Housewives Of New Jersey' Return For Season 9? It Needs To Make Some Changes

After Teresa Giudice went to prison, it felt like The Real Housewives of New Jersey had transformed from an entertaining reality show to a rather sad personal drama about the lives of a small, dysfunctional family. But the show persevered, and somehow managed to finish Season 7 with just as much drama, shouting, and broken friendships as past seasons, despite the presence of a newly released Teresa in its cast. But will Real Housewives of New Jersey return for Season 8 after everything that's happened? Though the series hasn't been officially renewed or cancelled yet, there are things working both in its favor and against it.

While RHONJ was once one of Bravo's most popular shows, the seventh season has seriously fallen in the ratings. The Season 7 premiere was the least watched premiere in the series' history, as reported by Radar, and more recent ratings haven't been very high either. However, an unnamed source also claimed to Radar that the show will start filming again in the spring, with the addition of two Housewives who have yet to be cast. Though the report hasn't been confirmed, it does make a renewal announcement more likely, even amidst falling ratings.

But when it comes to the actual events of RHONJ Season 7, I have to say, I agree with the lagging ratings. The show increasingly relies on the same old drama, and at this point, it's just upsetting to see Jacqueline and Teresa, once such great friends, destroy any semblance of love between them. If RHONJ does continue for another season, it should make some changes that could help it recapture what made so many people love the show in the first place.

Keep It Simple

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The Teresa Checks In special from Winter 2015, as well as the Season 7 premiere, showed a side of Teresa that you don't often see. If the show still wants to revolve around Tre, maybe it should take a cue from these more stripped-down moments, rather than the huge, drama-filled events that make up so many Housewives franchises.

Let The New Cast Shine

This season, Siggy and Dolores made for much better new additions than last season's trio of new Housewives, who never really fit in. Because these women already seem close with the rest of the cast, they've been funny in the few moments they've been afforded this year, and could use even more screentime to balance out with the veterans' drama.

Make Rosie A Housewife Already

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Unless she's not interested, I think it's time to give Kathy's sister full Housewife status, rather than keeping her as a recurring character. It would bring a little more comic relief to the show, and that's always a good thing.

Televise The Teresa/Danielle Reunion

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, the Twitter photo of Teresa and Danielle Staub doing yoga together is the real deal, and it was prompted after Andy brought her up at the Season 7 reunion. I mean, if there was ever an opportunity for Bravo cameras to intrude on a private moment, this is it.

Hash Out The Jacqueline/Teresa/Caroline Drama Once & For All

While the accusations and drama of the Season 7 reunion were shocking, it honestly didn't really feel like good material for reality television. The laser focus on the personal dispute between the Giudices, Manzos, and Lauritas has pushed out all of the other, more fun moments that were present in past seasons. If RHONJ wants to create a great Season 8 and reclaim irs former glory, it needs to move on from this endless feud.

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