Brad Pitt Thanks Fans For Their Support During First Red Carpet Since His Split From Angelina Jolie

Fans may be wondering how the former couple known as Brangelina is feeling now that the world knows they are getting divorced, and on Wednesday Brad Pitt thanked his fans for their support. During the Los Angeles premiere event for his film Allied, Pitt mostly stuck to discussing the film, but briefly said of his fans, according to People, "It’s really sweet, everyone has been really kind out here. It’s really nice to have all the support." Based on that brief response, it's clear that the support and love from his fans means a lot. It surely has to be a difficult time for him, especially when he's going through a divorce publicly from his ex Angelina Jolie.

After Pitt and Jolie's divorce was confirmed, reports began circulating that Pitt was being investigated by the FBI and by L.A. Department for Children and Family Services for child abuse allegations stemming from an alleged altercation between Pitt and one of his children on a private plane flying from France to the United States in September. Not long before Wednesday's premiere event, TMZ reported that law enforcement sources revealed to the outlet that Pitt was cleared of the child abuse allegations by the L.A. DCFS. At the time of TMZ's report, Bustle reached out to Jolie and Pitt's reps, in addition to DCFS, but did not receive a response. Sources also spoke with People about Pitt being cleared and claimed, "It was a full and thorough investigation and the determination has been made that no charges should be brought." Jolie's rep released the following statement to People:

The job of the DCFS is to make sure the children are in a safe and secure situation. As we said earlier this week, childcare professionals encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides that was in the best interest of the children. Angelina said from the beginning that she felt she had to take action for the health of the family and is relieved that after their 8-week involvement, the DCFS is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal.

As for the FBI, it previously released the following statement to Bustle regarding the matter: "In response to your inquiry regarding allegations within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States; specifically, an aircraft carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued." At the time of the report of abuse claims and the FBI's investigation, Bustle reached out for comment from Pitt and Jolie's reps, but has yet to hear back.

Prior to the FBI's involvement, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family services (DCFS) would not confirm or deny whether it was investigating Pitt regarding the alleged incident on the plan. DCFS spokeswoman Amara Suarez told The Hollywood Reporter in September, "We have very strict confidentially laws that don't allow us to confirm or deny the subjects of our investigations."

Pitt never commented on the abuse allegations, but according to The Independent, a source reportedly "close to the actor," said, "He takes the matter very seriously and says he did not commit any abuse of his children. It’s unfortunate that people involved are continuing to present him in the worst possible light. I think the most important thing is the fact that he is co-operating and that he takes it seriously, he recognizes it is a serious matter and he is willing to do whatever will be best for his family."


Regarding Jolie and Pitt's custody battle, Us Weekly reported on Tuesday that they have reached a custody agreement. Per Jolie's rep, she received custody of all six children and Pitt has shared legal custody, in addition to visitation rights; although it was unclear whether the agreement was permanent or temporary. The statement from her rep to Us Weekly reads:

We can confirm that childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides over a week ago. In accordance with this agreement, the six children will stay in their mother's custody, and the children will continue therapeutic visits with their father. We are not in a position to discuss the details. We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time.

In September, Jolie and Pitt's divorce was announced with Jolie's lawyer releasing a statement reading, "This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting, and asks that the family be given its privacy at this time." As for Pitt, he released a statement to People, that read, "I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well being of our kids. I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time."