Is The Too Faced FunFetti Collection Sold Out? Get It While You Can, Fans

Too Faced's FunFetti Collection is a gorgeous mash-up of the brand's most-well known products and more than a few newbies. Fans were stoked for the new launch, and since the collection debuted for one day on Friday, Nov. 11, many are wondering if the Too Faced Funfetti Collection is sold out. There has been tons of interest in the girly, fun group of products according to Twitter and given its affordable price tag, assuming it's all gone would be easy. However, there's some seriously good news for fans.

The FunFetti Collection is still available over at, and one of the best parts of the online and television-based retailer being the only place to purchase the collection is your payment options. Ringing in at $55, the collection as a whole is pretty affordable, but HSN is making it easier to pay for if you need it. Of course, you can purchase the palette at the full retail price, but HSN also allows you to break the payments into as many as four installments. If you want to buy it, that means you probably can.

Inside of the Too Faced FunFetti Collection, fans will find full-sized products, no minis here, which is what makes the price so great. That just makes the fact that it's still available kind of shocking. With a Better Than Sex mascara, the FunFetti Palette, a new FunFetti blush, a lip gloss, and a small kabuki brush it essentially covers the entire face. Who doesn't love that?

You won't find the collection on the brand's website, though. It's exclusive to HSN, and keep in mind, if you don't purchase today, the $55 price tag shoots up to $68. Considering that it's a $122 value — according to Too Faced Creative Director Jerrod Blandino — that's still a great deal.

Fan are also seriously impressed with the collection according to Twitter. The lack of a sell-out is surprising, but still very exciting.

Since the collection is only available on Nov. 11, fans should move fast to scoop it up. It's too adorable to miss.

If you haven't purchased the TooFaced Funfetti Collection, head over to HSN now to scoop it up while you still can. This is one holiday collection you just can't miss.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram