The Best Reactions To Too Faced's New Blush

Another day, another Too Faced sneak peek! Co-founder of the makeup company Jerrod Blandino is constantly sharing photos to his social media sites of new and exciting products that are in the works. This time, it's Too Faced's new Funfetti Blush that's on the rise. Although not much was said about when the latest launch will actually be available to shop, people are already talking about the multi-colored heart blush on social media. As of now the product itself is getting mixed reviews, but there's still plenty of time for excitement to start.

It is truly incredible how many products Too Faced dabbles with at one time, but I love to see that fans get a sneak peek into the process. Unlike his usual photos that include only product packaging, Blandino shared a photo of rows and rows of blushes laid out in what looks like a product testing table. Each Funfetti Blush had a box marked "acceptable" and "unacceptable" underneath it. Since there's no date or even season mentioned in the caption section of the photo, it seems to me that the blush is in its very first stages. Plus some of the colors look a tad different in shade.

After posting a sneak preview, it didn't take long for social media to start buzzing about the pretty little heart-shaped blushes. But for the first time in what seems like the history of all Too Faced makeup launches, the initial reactions aren't just of the "OMG DROOLING & DYING" persuasion.

If you look closely at the comment section underneath the photos, you'll see that the multi-colored product is being compared to, IMO, one of the most beautiful things in the world: pepperoni. In the words of Instagram user isabellagrannt, "why do these all look like meat slices?" She's not the only one that thinks the blushes look like something from behind a deli counter either.

Of course, there's no doubt in my mind that the Funfetti Blushes will look different once they're wrapped in some fabulous packaging. Maybe this is why the company sticks to packaging sneak peeks instead of the actual products though.

While Instagram was critical of their first look, Twitter is absolutely loving the product. Although I will admit that there aren't nearly as many reactions as the Chocolate Chip Palette or the Sweet Peach Palette originally trafficked.

Looking past the weird meat references, I'll agree that they are pretty af.

Blandino's sneak peeks are working, Too Faced!

This could be the most adorable product reaction of all time.

The packaging will make all the difference.

Tag your friends, people!

Let's just hope there's more talk when the cute heart-shaped packaging comes out.

Images: JerrodBlandino/Instagram