Is A Lorac MegaPro Palette Coming Back? Signs Point To Yes

It seems like 2016 has been the year of the eyeshadow palette. Sure, there have been launches in the past, but the sheer number of gorgeous palettes debuting this year has been next-level. Now, a Lorac MegaPro Palette may be coming back, at least if you believe the brand's Instagram — and why wouldn't you?

On Friday, the brand posted a cryptic image to their Instagram page featuring 20 different eyeshadows that had broken pigments. Overlaid text on top of the image read, "Something MEGA is coming (back)." In the image's caption, however, there weren't many additional details about which MegaPro Palette could be returning or when. The only hint was that the returning beauty would be making its way back on the Home Shopping Network.

Despite the original post from Lorac Cosmetics being vague, it hasn't stopped fans of the brand from guessing which palette could be making its way back to them. While many may assume that the MegaPro 3 is coming back since it was the most recent launch, the caption on the image explained that if you missed that palette, "something else may be coming." The brand comment on their Instagram page basically rules out the MegaPro 3. Basically, if you were dying to snag the that palette, this may not be the time, but there is clearly something on its way.

If you're a fan of popular beauty Instagram account TrendMood, you may be a bit more in the know. According to the page, the shadows featured on the Lorac Instagram appear to be from the MegaPro 2 palette. It makes sense that if something "mega" is coming back, it'd be one of the three now officially sold out palettes, and it's clearly not the MegaPro 3.

Lorac potentially restocking a MegaPro palette definitely makes sense from a fan standpoint as well. Those who love the brand love the palettes, and it's not difficult to find tweets about still wanting an older one to return.

Until the brand releases more information, though, fans will be left guessing as to which Lorac MegaPro Palette is restocking. While no one knows yet, just the idea that one of those two beautiful palettes is coming back is exciting.

Images: Lorac Cosmetics/Instagram