11 Celebs Vowing To Make A Difference After The Election

With the heartbreaking and terrifying reality that Donald Trump will soon become the President of the United States, people all across the country are trying to figure out how to reconcile this new reality and how to accept the inevitable, no matter how unbelievable, shocking, and scary it may seem. And one thing that we all can do is take action, to hold rallies, to donate to causes we feel strongly about or are concerned may flounder under Trump's presidency. Celebrities are vowing to make a difference after the election — and if it's one time that the rest of us follow in their footsteps, it is now.

Of course, the general public doesn't need Hollywood to lead them or convince them to make a difference. But celebs are powerful people with large platforms, millions of followers, and the access to other powerful, important people who can make real change happen. It's inspirational to see stars taking a stand, and if you draw your motivation to attend a protest or donate to Planned Parenthood because you might have seen Katy Perry do it, good for you.

Check out 11 celebrities below who refuse to be silent, who refuse to give up, who are unapologetically taking action in the wake of Trump's presidency. May we all be just as inspired.

1. Lena Dunham

In a lengthy Lenny Letter — and a lengthy Instagram caption (see above) — Lena Dunham vowed to continue to fight for women, for minorities, for anyone and everyone affected by Trump's election.

"Wednesday was a day of mourning. Thursday, too. Hell, I'm giving us till Sunday," the actor wrote in the letter (via Yahoo!) "But then we fight."

2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been tweeting a series of short yet powerful messages in order to best help those reeling from the results of this election.

3. T.I.

T.I. joined an enormous crowd of protestors outside of Trump Tower on Thursday.

4. Lady Gaga

Gaga also protested against the President-Elect, holding up a sign that reads: "Love Trumps Hate."

5. Mark Ruffalo

The Spotlight actor not only attended a Trump protest in NYC, he also brought his daughter with him.

6. Ariana Grande

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the singer wrote (according to HollywoodLife): "Let’s please be active and vocal every day toward making each other feel accepted and loved for our differences. If you are feeling how I am feeling right now, please know I am holding your hand from afar and I love you."

7. Madonna

Madonna proudly protested in New York on Thursday.

8. Jennifer Lawrence


In an empowering essay on Vice's Broadly, Lawrence encouraged to stunned Americans to mobilize and take action — instead of being silenced, she wrote, be louder.

9. Judd Apatow

The comedy director has been incredibly outspoken this entire election, and now, in the wake of Trump's presidency, he is encouraging others to take action by registering to vote — considering over 90 million eligible voters did not do so in this election.

10. America Ferrera

Ferrera, who spoke at the DNC in support of Hillary Clinton, is now encouraging people to take action — whether that is through rallies, protests, donations, etc. — wherever they can.

11. Questlove

Along with his fellow New Yorkers — and fellow New York-based celebrities — Questlove let his voice be heard during an anti-Trump rally on Thursday.

It's OK to take time to mourn, to reflect, to process. But after the acceptance, there's only one thing left to do: Take action. And let's get it done.