13 '90s Inspired Holiday Gifts For Your BFFs

'Tis the season to be giving, and what better than a '90s inspired holiday gift for the '90s child in your life? Everyone knows a '90s child. The kind of person who clicks on articles like this one and "Things That Were Totally Awesome About The '90s". Someone who treats their Romeo + Juliet soundtrack like the musical version of a Bible. Someone who still gets that faraway, misty eyed look when you mention the name J.T.T. Someone who remembers the glory days of hip hop and Drew Barrymore with equal tenderness. That person. That person is the one you should be buying something '90s related for this holiday season.

There's one other person these gifts will work for too: the people who were too young to live through or remember the '90s, but who are obsessed with them anyway. Think Kylie Jenner and her fans. There really is a '90s child in everyone, if you think about it. The era is inescapable. So get your credit card at the ready and prepared to go on a Cher Horowitz inspired shopping trip (well... At your computer at least, because you can buy all these things online), and stock up on '90s inspired gifts for the '90s child, or the '90s fan-child, in your life this holidays.

1. A '90s Style Oversized Tee With Their Favorite '90s Idol On The Front, Or Just This Aaliyah Tee Because She's Everyone's Favorite '90s Goddess

Aaliyah Tee, $39,

R.I.P., Aaliyah, the most glorious Queen of them all. The '90s child in your life can now wear their bleeding heart on their chest, with an amazing t-shirt like this.

2. An Art Print That Makes Worlds Collide, Mashing Together The '90s And Now

Jon Snow Art Print, from $16,

A '90s gift doesn't have to be, you know, like, totally '90s. It can just be half '90s. Like this print that mashes up culture from then and now, pairing everyone's favorite Jon Snow with '90s grunge fashion.

3. A T-Shirt With One Of The Great '90s Catch Phrases On It

Whatever Biker Tank, from $25.50,

Again, your '90s gift doesn't have to be that '90s. It can have a modern twist. Like this cool illustration of "Whatever" hands.

4. Alien Nail Decals, Because Every '90s Kid Still Knows The Truth Is Out There

Space Nail Decals, $5.99,

Alien conspiracies were big in the '90s, mostly due to the popularity of The X-Files. Remind the '90s child in your life to look to the skies, with some cute nail decals.

5. Some Backwards Technology That Will Actually Make Them Feel Like A Teenager Again, Like A Proper Phone Handset

Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro Pop Handset, $9,

Obviously handset phones weren't unique to the '90s, but the '90s was probably the last time the '90s child in your life remembers sitting for hours and hours talking into one of these. Why not let them relive their teenage years by getting a retro handset to plug into their cell phone?

6. An Exact Replica Of Something Monica Geller Wore On Friends, Which Absolutely Has To Be This "Girls" Sweatshirt

Friends Shirt, from $20,

This is the coolest present for a '90s child ever. Get one for yourself while you're at it.

7. Some Sweet 90210 Stationary

90210 Pencils, $10,

We don't talk about 90210 enough when we talk about the '90s. Remind the '90s child in your life about the show they keep forgetting but never really forget with some sweet Brenda/Kelly/Donna pens.

8. An On-The-Go Hot Drink Up With A Cool '90s Pattern

Travel Mug, from $21,

'90s chic can be discreet, like this pattern. Get the '90s child you're shopping for a takeaway coffee mug to help them stay warm over the winter.

9. Because You're Never Going To Find A Way To Make A Mix Tape Or Have Someone Listen To It, Get Them A Phone Case That Looks Like A Mix Tape Instead

iPhone & iPod Case, $31.50,

Tapes are obsolete as technology. But they still make for cute '90s decoration.


Tamagotchi Friends, $20,

Did you know you can buy Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi Friends on Amazon? Mind: blown.

11. Something To Remind Them Where They Came From

I'm A '90s Kid Digital File For Wall Art, from $4,

A '90s child is proud. Get them something that lets them express their pride, and reminds them every day of the greatest era ever.

12. A Grown Up Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet, $19,

You could make something like this, or buy it online. You would, of course, need one too. That's the law of friendship bracelets.

13. A '90s Pop Culture Brooch, Like This Twin Peaks Inspired One

Twin Peaks Brooch, $6,

Twin Peaks is getting a revival soon, so this is as relevant now as it was in the '90s.

Image: Paramount Pictures