12 Paris Geller Quotes From 'Gilmore Girls' To Cheer You Up After The Election

Gilmore Girls may have been wrong about Hillary Clinton becoming President, but that doesn't stop the show from being politically relevant. In fact, Gilmore Girls is as relevant as ever if you consider these quotes from Rory's friend, Paris Geller. Throughout her time as a student in both Chilton Prep and Yale University, Paris was never afraid to speak her mind, and following the announcement that Donald Trump is the president-elect, Paris may just be the best friend you've been longing for. I know, I can't believe I just wrote that either. However, what the world really needs right now is to hear little more of Rory's seemingly annoying friend. For example, what would Paris have to say about Hillary Clinton's loss? With her quick tongue and snarky responses, I can only imagine.

In fact, Paris' strength makes her the perfect candidate to embody your post-election day feels. We can't wait around for more Paris on November 25 when the Gilmore Girls revival comes out. Her greatest responses to the political drama unfolding all around us come in the form of the Paris quotes we have already been blessed with, you guys. Here are some of Paris wittiest (and totally election-worthy) sentiments.

1. "I Am Not Your Mother Or Your Hugger. If You Need Some Love, Get A Hooker."

You don't have to tiptoe around other people's feelings. Say what you feel, do what you say, and don't let other people's opinions hold you back.

2. "You Don't Fall In Love With People Who Make You Crap Your Pants."

Struggling with the election results? This may be why.

3. "I Already Wrote His Name In My Revenge Notebook."

I'm not saying a revenge book is a good idea, but, when people are getting on your nerves, I think it's OK. Anyway, Paris has your back.

4. "I Swear, I Do Not Recognize Half Of These People."

That feeling when you're scrolling down your post-election Facebook feed.

5. "I've Already Made A List Of My Enemies, Which I've Narrowed Down From 26 To Five."

Narrowing down your list of enemies will take some time, but keep working towards that goal.

6. "I Can Scare The Stupid Out Of You, But The Lazy Runs Deep."

Moving forward as a nation will come with open-minded discussions and taking action. Meanwhile, laziness won't get anyone anywhere.

7. "You Offer Nothing To Women Or The World In General."

A little harsh? Paris sure knows how to tell it like it is. Let's just hope that our country's future is not quite this dramatic.

8. "Hey, Hug A Dolphin Another Day, All Right? We Need To Rev Up The Gunships And Retaliate Before The Next Strike."

Don't let your disagreements with others get you down. In the words of Paris Geller, it's time to fight for what you believe in.

9. "I Want To Live My Life So That I'll Be Able To Read An In-Depth Biography About Myself In Later Years And Not Puke."

Stick to your guns. Don't let anybody else tell you how you should live your life.

10. "I'm Not Cut Out To Deal With People."

Sometimes it's OK to back off out of the political conversations and admit just that.

11. "Give Me More Homework. It'll Keep My Mind Off My Life."

Even Paris' distractions don't lack action. Feel free to turn off the news and log off of Facebook. There are so many other productive things you could be doing with your time.

12. "You Mean People Would Rather Vote For A Moronic Twink Who They Liked Over Someone Who Could Actually Do The Job?"

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I'm just going to leave this one here.

Brush yourself off and be the change you want to see in the world. Paris Geller 2020.

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