Ali Pays Homage To Leonard Cohen On 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

"That was a real moment." We agree, Ms. Keys. During 'The Voice' Top 12 Live Shows, Ali Caldwell paid emotional tribute to Leonard Cohen with a moving performance of "Did I Ever Love You." And let me tell you, Cohen would be proud. Though she was nervous to tackle this song, Caldwell brought all four coaches to their feet and tears to my eyes by the time she sang her last note. From her powerful vocals to her emotional performance, Caldwell nailed it. With this singular performance, she brought the competition to a new level. Caldwell rose to the top tonight, and she's bound to stay there for weeks to come.

Tributes are never easy, especially when the stakes are high. And the stakes couldn't have been any higher for Caldwell. While she was trying to do justice to a vocally difficult and emotionally charged ballad, Caldwell was also fighting for her life on The Voice. Neither feat is easy, but the Team Miley singer was able to accomplish both with grace. Though I have never heard the song "Did I Ever Love You," I can imagine that it has never sounded as good as it did tonight. Caldwell put her heart and soul into the music and the result was spectacular. She left it all on the stage and will certainly be rewarded for her job well done when she is voted through to the Top 11.

I'll admit that Caldwell wasn't on my radar before, but she certainly is now. This woman is a born performer. She exudes talent, confidence, and grace. In fact, she reminds me a lot of Alicia Keys. It seems odd, then, that she is on Team Miley—but the fit is actually perfect. With Miley as her coach, Caldwell will be taken out of her comfort zone and be given the chance to tap into a new layer of her artistry. She'll become a more dynamic performer, which will give her an advantage in this competition and in the music industry as a whole. Caldwell is an incredible talent and I, for one, can't wait to see her earn the musical success she deserves.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC