Kat Von D Made Satin Bomber Jackets For Her Squad

Kat Von D has such rad, goth x rock chick personal style. The tattoo artist and makeup maven has cultivated a signature 'n' studded, largely black and red aesthetic, which is infused into her Kat Von D Beauty brand, as well. Kat Von D created black satin bomber jackets, with her signature red pucker and the brand's popular Studded Kiss lipsticks as the graphic on the back of the coat. They fall totally in line with the Kat Von D Beauty vibe and the jackets are super stylish in the rock 'n' roll way. Can you buy the Kat Von D satin bomber jackets?

It turns out that these jackets are custom pieces that Kat Von D created for the core members of her makeup team. Much like the Too Faced jean jacket, these pieces are not available for purchase.

Von D gifted the jackets to eight members of KVD Beauty Crew, who were there from the very beginning, while on a trip to Chicago. Isn't she incredibly awesome for doing that? It's such a thoughtful gesture. She even adorably noted that "it's been so hard to keep the jackets a surprise the entire time I was having them made, but totally worth the surprise!"

In the Instagram caption, Kat Von D revealed that she designed the jackets herself and that designer Jessica Louise crafted them for the KVD squad.

These are squad goals, indeed. Wait until you hear how much craftsmanship went into these babies.

Wouldn't you love to rock one of these? Of course you would. Who wouldn't?

Sadly, you cannot. As the designer noted in this Instagram caption, these are one-of-a-kind and will not be made commercially available. Don't even try and talk her into it, either!

Jessica Louise also shared an up close shot of the embroidered graphic, noting that each took six hours to create. That's a labor of love. The end result is breathtaking but won't be replicated upon request.

So much love and care went into the creation of these jackets. I love that Jessica Louise locally sourced the labor in downtown L.A. These jackets were born of L.A, just like the KVD brand itself. These jackets are just too stunning and special to be mass-produced.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); JL Beaverton/Instagram (3)