'Gilmore Girls' Revival Theories That Could Happen

by Amy Roberts

Every Gilmore Girls fan knows how slow time can pass, because, as any of us can confirm, Nov 25 (i.e. the release date of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Netflix) has felt like it may as well be a hundred years away for how heavy our anticipation of it is right now. So, of course, in order to sustain ourselves until that tremendous date, we've all been desperately scouring the internet for hints, clues or information about the upcoming four part event, leading our brains (and the internet) into a whirlwind of speculation. So it's no surprise that over the past few months, some crazy Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life theories have been posed. But you know what? As crazy as many of these suggestions may be, it's also really easy to envision all of them as possibly becoming a reality.

Obviously, take all of the following 13 theories with a pinch of salt, but, should we discover that any of them turn out to be correct when A Year In The Life is finally available to stream, then I for one will be throwing confetti at my laptop and congratulating the internet as a whole for their tremendous foresight. Because honestly? I can see any one of these theories easily become a truth:

1. Dean May Only Be Returning For A Dream Sequence

Jared Padalecki confirmed to US Weekly that he only got to spend one day filming scenes for A Year In The Life, which also suggests that Dean won't be featuring heavily in the revival. This theory (originally posed by Bustle editor Sam Rullo), raises the idea that the reason why all of Rory's exes may be present in the revival is because they'll feature in a dream sequence showing how different Rory's life may have turned out with each respective ex. Which would definitely explain the brevity of Dean's appearance.

2. Emily Could Be The One Getting Married

While the majority of us have been preoccupied with speculating over whether the Gilmore Girls revival wedding is joining Rory and Logan, Rory and Jess, or Luke and Lorelai together in holy matrimony, some theories have suggested that Emily could be the one getting married instead. Following the death of her beloved Richard, this theory suggests that a wedding could be an opportunity for Emily to seize happiness and a moment of rebirth during an extremely difficult time.

3. Rory Could Be Pregnant

When it was announced that A Year In The Life was the official title of the Gilmore Girls revival, I speculated that this could be indicative of a new life cycle, taking us from conception of a baby (in the first episode) to its birth (in the final one). The above Instagram photo (which appears to show the reflection of a baby stroller covered by a blanket in the makeup palette mirror) is enough to tease that someone may be pregnant in the Gilmore Girls revival, and it would definitely make for an interesting story if Rory was that person.

4. Lorelai Could Be Pregnant

But, hey now, let's not be too hasty here, because it could very easily be Lorelai who is pregnant in the revival, instead. In fact, right now this is probably the leading fan theory regarding the idea. First, there was the trailer for A Year In The Life which showed Lorelai wearing a Rachel Antonoff "I'm With Human" sweater whilst also obscuring her midriff (and a possible bump?) with a newspaper. Both these things seemed to tease the idea that Lorelai could be pregnant. Then there was the above Instagram post, which looked like a major pregnancy hint to fans who remembered that Lorelai craved apples when she was pregnant with Rory. Could she be craving that fruit again?

5. Logan May Be Endgame Because Of A Crucial Scene From Season 1

Bustle's Sabienna Bowman cleverly discovered a potential clue to Rory's love life in the Gilmore Girls revival from a Season 1 scene, within a game of "one, two, three he's yours" (where you watch for passing men to "pick" romantically, can pass on the first two who pass, but then have to take the third). When Lorelai plays the game, Luke is her third (which brings her play to an awkward end), while Rory's first just happens to be Dean.

Of course, as the show progressed, Rory only had three boyfriends, of which Dean was the first and Logan was the third. If Gilmore Girls had been so meticulously planned out as this from the start, then there's a chance that this simple game could have provided some crucial foreshadowing for Rory's eventual love life (and may point towards Logan being her third, and final, love for life).

6. Kirk Could Be One Of Emily's New Long Suffering Maids

This is perhaps the greatest Gilmore Girls theory yet, and one that I don't just desperately want to happen but can actually crazily envision. Reddit user Clauk originally suggested the idea on the Gilmore Girls sub, simply stating, "Kirk has a different job in each episode. A different maid works at the Gilmore mansion in each episode. It would be brilliant if, in one of the upcoming episodes, Kirk was the maid at the Gilmores'." And, yes, yes it would. I can just imagine him answering the door to Lorelai, asking what her business is at the Gilmore residence, and refusing to let her in. It would be perfect.

7. Rory May Be In London With Logan For Some Scenes

With the intriguing news that British actress Alex Kingston had joined the Gilmore Girls revival cast (and that she revealed that her scenes were shot not on set, but on location elsewhere), theories quickly followed that this could mean some potential scenes in London. And who do we know who did a lot of business in London? Logan, of course. Might it be possible, then, that Rory and Logan may be spending some time together in the U.K. capital at some point during A Year In The Life? It definitely seems like a possibility.

8. Taylor And Miss Patty May Be Together

If you've ever found yourself wishing that Miss Patty would work her sensually liberated magic on uptight town leader Taylor Doose, then this fan theory may be just what you're looking for. And, yes, it might be crazy, but it's also crazy enough that it might just work — as Bustle's Michelle Lulic pointed out, Miss Patty and Taylor may seem like opposites, but they also have a lot in common. They're both passionate about the welfare of Stars Hollow, both run successful businesses, and, whether they realize it or not, actually make a pretty good team (both on and off the town council).

9. Sookie And Jackson May Be Divorced In The Revival

During that sad time when it seemed like McCarthy wouldn't be joining the Gilmore Girls revival, some fans speculated that Sookie and Jackson may be divorced. Now that we know that McCarthy is back (albeit for a potentially small amount of screen time), that theory holds less weight, but is still lingering around the internet like a bad stench. Let's not forget, for instance, that Jackson did lie to his wife about having a vasectomy which kind of led to Sookie getting pregnant again against her wishes. That would put a strain on anyone's marriage.

10. Dean And Rory Could Share A Sweet Moment At Doose's Market

As we all remember, Doose's was a big part of Dean and Rory's relationship. It was where they experienced their first kiss, and where many relationship upsetting run-ins with Jess took place. The above Instagram image may seem like little more than a loving tribute to the Stars Hollow market, but it's actually brimming with sensuality (including a reference to Miss Patty's infamous "Try a plum, they're better than sex" line). Pair this with the fact that Padalecki confirmed that Dean has a "cool scene in the market he used to work in" while speaking at a Supernatural convention, and the theory that something big could happen at Doose's market (possibly between him and Rory) certainly seems viable.

11. Paris And Doyle Might Have Two Kids Together

OK, so this isn't too crazy a theory, but it's a pretty sweet one, nonetheless. You may remember Rory's dream sequence from Season 6, which showed Paris and Doyle sitting in the Gilmore house (as though it was their own) with two children. Well, it seems as though that might have been some clever foreshadowing for where those two eccentric lovebirds might be at in the revival. Though it hasn't been confirmed, E! Online shared details of new Gilmore Girls characters, which included 7-year-old Tim and his 5-year-old sister Gabriela, who also happen to have a Portuguese nanny. None too surprisingly, many fans have since theorized that these simply have to be Paris and Doyle's kids. I mean, come on, a nanny? Who else in Gilmore Girls but Paris would insist on such a thing?

12. Emily Might Be Living In A Hippie Commune

The same E! Online article as mentioned above also stated that a hippie commune was going to be featured in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. And, though it's fun to theorize just about any Gilmore Girls character as being a part of one, my personal favorite theory suggests Emily as part of that hippie commune. After all, following the death of her husband, a hippie commune could be exactly the sort of peaceful, reflective place for Emily to grieve and find solace. And yes, though incredibly poignant, it would also be so out of character that it could be hilarious — which would be classic Gilmore Girls.

13. Rory And Logan May Have Already Married And Divorced

We're all so focused on who, out of all three of her exes, Rory may choose in the Gilmore Girls revival that many of us might have missed the point entirely. One theory, as suggested by Bustle's Amy Mackelden, posed the idea that Rory may have already chosen Logan years ago, only for them to have separated and divorced by the time that the events of A Year In The Life come to pass. So, perhaps we'll be seeing Rory dealing with the fallout of her relationship, and marriage, during the course of the revival, rather than dealing with reconnecting with Logan, as we all suspect could be the case.

Crazy? A little. But perfectly plausible? Absolutely. Now if we all just continue to drink Lorelai-sized quantities of coffee until Nov. 25, then I think we can all definitely speed up time so that we can finally see whether any of these theories come true or not in A Year In The Life, ASAP.

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