Lovesick's Holiday Campaign Is So Cute

While not everyone is stoked to see wreaths, Christmas trees, and assorted holiday decorations popping up in department stores across the country already, seeing holiday collections debuting with some of your favorite brands never gets old. Lovesick's holiday campaign features plus size models Jordyn Woods, Barbie Ferreira, and Bree Kish, and it's basically a who's who of the young plus size modeling industry. While the ladies obviously look stunning in the new items from the brand, one of the best parts of the new campaign is seeing some of fans' favorite plus size models giving the rundown on their favorite holiday traditions. From eggnog to snowy Christmases, fans get to know the ladies through the new campaign.

Lovesick is know for their stylish, on-trend plus size wear, and their great size range of 10-26. It makes sense that a brand known for creating perfectly trendy — and affordable — wear would invite three of the biggest names in plus size fashion to rep them. It's just an added bonus that all get to know them a bit more thanks to the seriously cute campaign.

Modeling the latest from Lovesick, the women are featured in a behind the scene look at their individual photoshoots, and it's during these shoots fans get to know them a bit more.

What do fans learn about each lady in the Lovesick campaign?

1. Bree Kish

  • Kish is Team Pumpkin Spice when it comes to holiday drinks.
  • She's also a Christmas over New Year's kind of gal.
  • As for holiday looks, it's all about a red lip.

2. Jordyn Woods

  • Woods is a giver, not a getter when it comes to gifts.
  • Like Kish, Woods is all about Pumpkin Spice.
  • She's all about comfortable fashion for holiday parties.

3. Barbie Ferreira

  • Ferreira is all about palm trees for Christmas rather than white snow.
  • Rihanna would be her New Year's Eve kiss — which is an inspired choice, really.
  • Speaking of New Year's, Ferreira is definitely Team NYE as opposed to Christmas.

If you want to learn more about Ferreira, Woods, and Kish, head over to Lovesick's website where you can find the rest of the women's campaign. It's right on the homepage, and you can learn even more about your faves.

Images: Courtesy of Lovesick