Chrissy Teigen Makes Kim K A Heartwarming Offer

If you need a reminder of why you should surround yourself with amazing female friends, look no further than Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. After watching a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where the reality star revealed she was not sure about using a surrogate to have a third child with Kanye West, Teigen said she would be Kardashian's surrogate "in a heartbeat" during an interview with Access Hollywood. Whether Kardashian ever takes Teigen up on her offer or not, just knowing she has a friend who would offer her such a precious gift must make Kardashian feel loved.

When it comes to pregnancy, Teigen and Kardashian's experiences have been vastly different. Teigen used IVF to become pregnant with her baby Luna, and ultimately loved the experience of being pregnant. For Kardashian, pregnancy came with discomfort and health troubles, and while she loves the results — the adorable North West and Saint — she does not want to put herself through a third pregnancy. That does not mean she has closed the door on expanding her family though, hence the discussion of surrogacy.

"Whatever she does is going to work out for the best, and it's going to be beautiful either way," Teigen told Access Hollywood, and her words are perfect. Choosing to have another child is always a complicated decision, but no matter what Kardashian chooses, it will be the best choice for her family. The greatest blessing of all has to be knowing she has a friend like Teigen in her corner, who will champion her no matter what she decides.

Teigen and Kardashian's friendship is by far one of Hollywood's sweetest. In the aftermath of the terrifying Paris robbery, Teigen was one of the first people to stand up for Kardashian and speak out against anyone who mocked her friend's trauma. The women clearly have a special connection, one that is so strong Teigen would offer to carry Kardashian's child without a second thought. Everyone should have a friend as kind and loving as Teigen on their side.

The best part of the interview isn't even Teigen's offer — it is her confidence in Kardashian. She is so quick to note she would support her friend no matter what, and it is truly heartwarming. If Hollywood handed out an award for most supportive celebrity BFFs, these two remarkable women would take home the gold, no contest.