8 Things Every Book-Lover Does In The Winter

by Julia Seales

Winter is a wonderful time for reading, and there are certain things every book-lover does in the winter to make it as cozy as possible. When it’s snowing outside, you can bundle up under a knit blanket and read a book as you sip a mug of hot cocoa. Everything about the season lends itself to books — from the weather to the beverage selections to the settings of many classics. After all, many authors have been inspired by icy weather and have crafted books that fit perfectly with the season. Plus, you will often have time off during the holidays, giving you time to read late into the snowy night.

If you love books and you love winter, you probably look forward to the season where you can don an ugly sweater and delve into your TBR pile. But though this seems fresh and new every season, the truth is that you probably have the same habits every year. Maybe your friends have even noticed and pointed out your winter reading routines, because though you get excited as if the practices are new, you actually do the same thing every winter.

Of course, the reason you do the same thing every year (because yes, you also have reading habits in autumn) is because your habits are amazing. Book-lovers know that winter is a perfect season for reading, and that's why we all do the same following things every year.

Make A Reading Nook

You pile pillows and knit blankets to create your reading nook. This is preferably next to a window so you can read as the snow falls outside, creating a perfect tableau for every winter-obsessed book-lover.

Write A Holiday Book Wish List

Since the holidays are approaching, you take it upon yourself to write a list of all the books you'd love to receive as gifts. And by list I mean you write an actual book, because you have so many novels you're hoping to read. You also start doing your holiday shopping, which consists of finding the perfect book for all your loved ones.

Read Winter-Themed Books

Since it's cold outside, it's the perfect time to read every book set in winter and Christmastime. From A Christmas Carol to Harry Potter, the selection is plentiful and you are determined to read it all. Forget movie marathons: it's book marathon time.

Buy Book-Themed Clothing

There are so many amazing literature-themed clothing items to cozy up in this winter — from sweaters to socks to hats, and you want to wear it all. Dobby would be proud.

Make Butterbeer Or Other Literary-Themed Hot Beverages

You start looking up recipes for hot Butterbeer and other literary-themed beverages, and you plan holiday parties so you can serve them to all your book-obsessed friends. Hot chocolate is great, but your Butterbeer is even better.

Talk About How Much You'll Read Over Your Break

As Christmas vacation approaches, you start anticipating how much reading you can finally do. You have a stack of books on your shelf, and it's calling your name.

Collect Literature-Inspired Candles

From candles that smell like Narnia to candles scented like the Hogwarts Great Hall, there are so many options for literature-inspired candles to add some holiday cheer to your reading nook. You decide it's imperative that you collect them all.

Look Up Book Quotes About Winter

No one appreciates winter like authors, and you look up quotes to start off each winter day with a dose of literary love. As Ben Aaronovitch says in Broken Homes, "In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold." And so you do.

Images: Giphy (9), Instagram/mybookbath (1)