The Rihanna Velvet Puma Fenty Creepers Are Pricey

Just when you thought Rihanna's Puma Fenty line couldn't get any trendier, the singer does it again. On top of the classic style, colors, and camo prints, Rihanna and Puma created a velvet shoe. How much are the Velvet Puma Fenty Creepers, you ask? This is Rihanna's most expensive shoe yet, but for a great reason.

Velvet has been completely on-trend this year. Everyone from Cara Delevingne to Kendall Jenner has sported velvet, but never quite like this. Rihanna created a velvet sneaker for the brand, and it's coming out super soon. If you play your cards right and rush to the computer as soon as they launch, you could have these unconventional kicks sitting underneath your tree for the holiday.

The Rihanna Velvet Puma Fenty Creepers will be available on Dec. 8 for $150.

The original Creepers cost $120, so it will be a little bit pricier than normal. Until now, the priciest Creeper style was the Camo print, which cost $140. Of course, this isn't just any shoe though. You're paying for some serious street style, not to mention a more luxe fabric. The shoe will come in three different colors — black, red, and grey — and will all be the same price.

You can shop for Rihannas Velvet Puma Venty Creepers at

Although the company didn't announce the exact launch time yet, I'm willing to bet it will be 10 a.m. EST. That's the same time that the rest of the Fenty line has gone live. If it's anything like the other shoe launches, there will be a countdown on the site as the time gets closer as well.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has gotten creative for her Puma shoe line either. On top of the classic Creeper, Camo Print and trainers, she also came up with a Fur Slide. The shoe is a classic slide-on with feathers around the straps. You just never know what the singer will come up with next.

Odds are these kicks will sell out just as fast as the other styles, so I'd be sitting by your computer on Dec. 8. Especially if you're looking to give them as a gift, since there's no telling when or if there will be a restock before the holiday.

Images: pumasportstyle/Instagram (1)