Usher's 'Hamilton Mixtape' Song Is Beautiful

The eagerly awaited tracks off of the Hamilton Mixtape are dropping onto the internet, one by one, and there's a new track that you need to listen to if you want to make your Friday absolutely the best it can possibly be. "Wait For It" is sung beautifully by Usher, transposing the song into a modern context as it becomes a more universal meditation on the right and wrong way to love and be loved. "Wait For It" was originally performed by Leslie Odom Jr., and the song itself is considered one of the bigger numbers in Hamilton. In its Mixtape form, the song retains its familiar song structure but it's Usher's smooth vocal stylings that elevate that number into a total R&B hit. Basically, if you want magic in your life, you need to hit this song up on Spotify ASAP.

Usher is musical king, a voice for a generation. When you put Usher and Hamilton together, you are bound to get only the best results. Not only does he embody the defiance that Odom Jr. put into his characterization of Aaron Burr, Usher is able to bring a renewed immediacy to the actual lyrics and, in the process, deliver a song to the album that is applicable in our own present-day social and political contexts.

In the world of Hamilton, "Wait For It" is Burr's big statement that he's willing to wait for a great love and he's also willing to wait to find out what his true purpose in life is. What begins as a defense of why he loves a married woman becomes a soaring song about love as foundational to life's real meaning. As it stands today, in the United States of America, there seems to be nothing but confusion over the future, the direction of the nation, and whether or not we are truly a divided country. We're scrambling for answers; "Wait For It" reminds us the answers will come to us and we must stay strong, a sentiment further driven home by the sheer power of Usher's artistry.

Usher's voice is classic Usher. After listening to "Wait For It," you'll be rushing to re-listen to his greatest hits. He's got nothing but passion and fervor in his voice. He hits those highs and he goes down low, all the while taking you on a journey through a song that is nothing but brightness and joy. While the craft of the song itself is awesome, it's the actual words that truly hit home, especially in these unstable political times. For Lin-Manuel Miranda (the lyricist behind "Wait For It"), Aaron Burr (within the musical itself), and Usher (the man now singing the song), the belief that there is a purpose for all of us and regardless of what our ancestors taught us, it's time for us to discover that purpose comes through the most.

Don't believe me? Let Miranda's words drive the point home:

I am inimitable

I am an original

I'm not falling behind or running late

Life doesn't discriminate

between the sinners and the saints

it takes and it takes and it takes

and we keep living anyway,

we rise and we fall and we break

and we make our mistakes

and if there's a reason

I'm still alive

when so many have died,

then I'm willing to—

Wait for it

"Wait For It" may just be one of the best songs off the Hamilton Mixtape. It is also a song we should be listening to in these unsteady times, if only to gain a bit of insight and comfort from this crazy thing called life.