New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Features Jamie Foxx's Electro... But Do You Care?

Comic-Con 2013 has officially kicked off in San Diego, Calif., which means superheroes are the new Amanda Bynes in that we will talk about them all the time. And, attempting to whet our appetite for the Amazing Spider-Man follow-up starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (and no longer Shailene Woodley), Marvel has released a teaser featuring Jamie Foxx's Electro. Granted, seeing as the teaser teases both the movie and the upcoming Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con, it's likely just a teaser of a teaser, but why deliver an entire trailer all at once when you can tease it in one-second intervals?

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Though The Amazing Spider-Man was undoubtedly a hit — collecting over $260 million at the box office — buzz surrounding the film was a bit underwhelming, especially in the face of Sam Raimi's trilogy, which ended its run just five years prior to the first film's release. But, even after seeing Foxx's new villain, do you care about Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Be warned: Marvel will continue to release teasers until you do.

Image: Marvel