7 Hair Trends To Try Out In 2017

It might seem a little premature, but with December in plain sight and January not far behind, it might be time to think about the beauty and hair trends for 2017. Once January is upon us, you may want to start thinking about the new spring/summer season ahead, especially if you want to stay ahead of the fashion pack. Of course, it's always fun to set your own trends and do your own thing too, but it certainly doesn't hurt to garner some inspiration from the fashion and beauty realms.

The new year is the perfect excuse to shake up your personal style and try something new. Instead of attempting to live up to all of the restrictive New Year's resolutions you set for yourself each year, you could make a pledge to yourself that in the new year, you're going to adopt a new look you've always wanted to try. Depending on how experimental you are, this could be a shorter style, a different shade, or a completely different hairstyle.

So to give you some inspiration and time to plan ahead and decide on your favorite look, I spoke to some stylists to get the lowdown on the upcoming hair trends of 2017.

1. Bangs


"What we’re seeing a lot of and getting asked for going into the fall/winter and on trend for 2017 are bangs/fringes [of] all kinds," Brian Zinno, Senior Education Director at Antonio Prieto Salon, tells Bustle over email, "Everything from soft and natural texture, to blunt and bold, to long and shaggy and short and choppy."

"Clients should ask their stylist to analyze their face shape to determine the best choice of bangs," Says Zinno. "Bangs can be made broad and wide to compensate for a narrow forehead or the opposite if you have a wide forehead. Customization is key. Have the stylist discuss the maintenance that accompanies bangs and how to style them," He adds.

2. Extra Long Locks


"Hair trends for fall will cover the spectrum from extra long hair as seen recently on J. Lo, to the blunt jaw length, to just below jaw bob which Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung wear with natural wave and texture," says Tyler Colton, Honey Artists hairstylist, in an email to Bustle. "If you are looking for the extra long straight look you will want to find someone skilled with extensions to add length," Colton recommends.

3. The Bob

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If long tresses aren't your style, you'll be pleased to know that the bob is back in for 2017. "For your classic bob shape be sure to keep it blunt, no A-line or drop in the front. Also, ask your stylist to add invisible layers or texture the ends to help remove weight so that your bob will feel more modern and not dated," says Colton.

4. Body

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Haven Spa hairstylist, Triana Francois, explains to Bustle via email, "Coming into 2017 is all about body. Body being that your hair moves."

"Over the last two years loose waves have been the trend," says Francois, "hair trends are transitioning back to more classic styles. Bigger round brushes and rollers will create movement on the ends. Use a 2 inch to make a couple of curls throughout the head." It appears when it comes to hair in 2017, the motto is: Go big or go home!

5. Deep Side Parts


"Another trend is deep side parts and waves," says Zinno, "deep side parts are low commitment because they can always be restyled, but it’s a quick way to change up your regular look with a high-impact."

Zinno explains, "Deep side parts can be worn with straight sleek hair or loose waves, with an accessory like a grouping of pins or an ornate barrette on the light side of the part. It’s very versatile and works on most clients."

When it comes to the salon, Zinno says, "Clients should ask for help determining the best side the part works on and when [a] deep side part is too deep! Also what hair products to prep the hair with or finish the hair with, to keep the style in place."

6. Natural Texture

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Natural texture will be a big trend for 2017, we saw natural hair texture all over the runway this year and Alicia Keys is pushing this trend forward always," says Colton. So embrace your hair's natural texture in the year ahead.

7. Subtle ‘80s Waves


"The waves being seen are a nod to the '80s with a light, barely there crimping or as if the hair was set in braids," says Zinno. "There are several techniques that a client can ask their stylist to use to get these waves," he explains.

"On dry hair, hair can be braided into several braids and running the flat iron over them will set the hair in that shape. There are also variations on crimping irons with larger plates, so you don’t get the micro crimping of the '80s," Zinno says.

Choose your favorite trend for 2017 and start rocking it now to be a trendsetter with your new tresses. Alternatively, use these styles as jumping off points for your own hair creations in the New Year!