Why Ray J’s Kim Kardashian Diss Track Is Inappropriate For More Than Just The Obvious Misogynist Reason

It looks like Ray J is waking up on the misogynist side of the bed lately. The rapper was dating Kim Kardashian when their notorious sex tape was shot, in a time that feels so long ago that dinosaurs may have still roamed the earth. For whatever reason, though, Ray J dropped a Kardashian diss track off his upcoming album Raydemption. Not only is the track titled the same as one of Kardashian's husband's latest hits ("Famous"), but it features fellow stand-up guy, Chris Brown. The song is completely inappropriate for a handful of reasons, and I'm having a hard time figuring out why it was even released in the first place.

First, there are the repulsive lyrics which insinuate that Kardashian used him for fame, and the sex tape was the family's ploy in launching their empire. One line says, "They walk around proud, all because she had my d*ck in her mouth." It's not only vulgar, but completely disrespectful. Some of the other lyrics are even worse. It's honestly unthinkable that a man, who's married nonetheless, would be OK with releasing this to the world. The lyrics of Brown's chorus just support Ray J's claim and are equally as horrible.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Billboard, Kanye West's "Famous" video — in which Ray J and Brown (amongst other pop culture names) are depicted lying naked in a bed — had the two rappers all riled up. The publication reported that Ray J has been planning to respond to West's song (with a song of the same name) for a while now. "You can't fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months," he told Billboard in October. Even if Ray J wanted to address West's video and song, how is it fair taking aim at Kardashian to do so?

The song comes three years after Ray J released "I Hit it First," also clearly about Kardashian. When will he let it go? Not to mention the horrible timing of this release, given the drama Kardashian and her family are going through. She's moved on with a marriage, two children, and her businesses, and the rapper is literally kicking her when she's down. Kardashian is still on her social media hiatus after her October robbery. Meanwhile, news just broke that her husband West is being hospitalized on psychiatric hold for reported exhaustion. This comes just after his rants about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Beyonce, Jay Z, and more on his Saint Pablo Tour ultimately led to its cancellation.


But regardless of the hard time Kardashian and her family are going through, no time would be OK for this song to be released. Speaking of a female this way is an utter slap in the face and a derogatory move toward any woman, ever. Ray J really outdid himself with this one. Hopefully, the Kardashians won't pay any attention to it and instead will focus on getting back on their feet. The song shouldn't get more attention than it deserves.