Who Did She Almost Play in 'The Avengers'?

For once, Lindsay Lohan is making headlines for her acting instead of her antics. Well, it's kind of a combination of the two. While everyone spent Sunday night freaking out over The Walking Dead and The Good Wife , Lohan dropped a bomb of her own on her reality series, Lindsay. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan was almost cast in The Avengers, according to the actress herself (though even she might not be the most reliable source). She didn't name the specific role, but we have a pretty solid theory.

All Lohan said about the part was that it ultimately went to an "unknown" actress, which narrows it down quite a bit. The best bet is a minor character that you might not even remember from The Avengers, a waitress who was never given a name. She only appears briefly in the film during the big New York City battle scene, when Captain America saves her. At the very end, she gives a news interview about it and that's it.

If that seems a little too minor for someone as recognizable as Lohan, the role originally included more but the waitress's bigger scene was deleted. Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, goes to the restaurant and the two have a conversation about Iron Man, before a man urges him to ask for her number. (Fun fact: that man was Stan Lee in one of his signature cameos, however he can be found again at the end, giving an interview of his own.) She would also appear later in the movie, when she stumbles into the wrong place at the wrong time and must be saved by Rogers again.

It would make sense if this was the role. It was originally going to be a character big enough to warrant Lohan's involvement, but not so big as to overshadow the main cast. In the end, the danger-prone waitress was played by a relative unknown, Ashley Johnson, but she might've been recognizable to some. Johnson starred in the final two seasons of the sitcom Growing Pains Chrissy, the youngest Seaver child. So if this was the role Lohan was referring to, she actually lost it to another child star.

Watch the deleted scene below to see more of the forgotten role Lohan possibly almost played. Maybe if the controversial actress had played her, more of the waitress's scenes would've made it into The Avengers.