13 Products To Buy On Black Friday That Will Relieve Holiday Stress

While romantic comedies and car commercials seem to be under the impression that the holidays are a light and jovial time for all, the reality of the matter is that, for many, the holidays are an extremely stressful time. For some, the mix of travel, spending, and coordinating plans can paint the holidays in an unflattering light, For others, the stress and anxiety associated with getting the whole family together can feel lethal. So, while Hollywood's representation of the holidays are all belly laughs and rosy cheeks, there's a whole other side to the holidays that's rarely portrayed. (Except for maybe that angsty Thanksgiving movie called Pieces of April starring Katie Holmes and a lot of eyeliner.)

And because Thanksgiving is probably already giving you a headache and it hasn't even started, don't you dare let yourself stress getting up on time to get in line for a flat screen TV or new laptop. Do your shopping from home and consider getting yourself some stress-relieving gifts. You've got a whole other month of holiday madness to get through, so to ensure your sanity, so make sure you add some namaste to your Black Friday shopping list. Here are a few super zen items you might want to consider purchasing on Black Friday:

Sound Machine

White Noise Sound Machine , $38, Amazon

If you have trouble sleeping (especially when you're staying with family) this will be your savior. You can choose from various noises and frequencies and it's super portable.

Lavender Therapy

Lavendar Trio, $54, Mullein & Sparrow

Aroma therapy is going to be your holiday savior if you're stressed out. Lavender is super calming, and this mix of essential oils and bath salts will keep you grounded and calm.

Adult Coloring Book

Serenity Adult Coloring Book , $10, Amazon

I mean, the name of the book is "Serenity" — how much more peaceful can you get? When things get too hectic, pull out some colored pencils and send your thoughts off to a happier place with this calming craft.

Peaceful Candles

Peaceful & Calming Votives, $40, Modcloth

When things get chaotic, light some candles, and focus on your breathing. These gorgeous votives will help you create a safe space for yourself.

Relax Mask

Relax & Mask, $79, The Stell

This mask's calming properties will both help your holiday-hindered skin chill out, but it will help you chill out, too.


Kindle E-Reader , $50, Amazon

If you don't already have a Kindle, you'll be happy to have one for the holidays. Upload some funny books and slip away to get a few laughs in when your family becomes too much.

Soft Pajamas

Cozy Chill Out One-Piece, $30, Modcloth

Comfort is everything — especially if you're feeling uncomforted socially. You'll be happy to have this jolly plush little number to slip into at the end of the day. (Or wear it all day, no rules.)

Essential Oil Diffuser

Electric Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser , $19, Amazon

While personal aroma therapy oils are great for just you, this essential oil diffuser will calm your whole household down.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat & Carrier , $20, Amazon

Get yourself a fresh yoga mat to take with you wherever you go for the holidays. Finding the time to stretch out and focus on your breathing will seriously aid in keeping you stress free this holiday season.

Facial Steam & Tea

Facial Detox Kit, $30, Mullein & Sparrow

When you don't have time to stand in the shower for an hour but really feel like it anyway, this facial steam will be the next best thing. It's super calming, and super great for your skin. Major bonus: you can drink it like tea, too!

A New Journal

Antique Journal , $11, Amazon

Writing will help you stay grounded. This is the perfect gift for the over-thinker or the stressed-out workaholic — keep this journal just for your extracurricular thoughts.

Head Massager

Vibrating Head Massager , $13, Amazon

If you can't peer pressure anyone into hiring you a masseuse, and if you don't want to spend the money on an expensive spa treatment, this head scratcher is honestly the next best thing. It feels amazing, and you don't need to rely on anyone else to use it!

13. Glantop® Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

Glantop® Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy , $10, Amazon

It may not look like much, but this sort of mindless desk toy could be just what your desk (or even bedside table) needs. Any time you're feeling stressed, all you have to do is focus on the magnets, and the satisfying feeling of building them up however you want. Give it a few minutes, and your stress will be at least close to zilch.

Image: Pexels; Amazon (7); Mullein & Sparrow (2); Modcloth (3); The Stell