Will Ben & Lauren Get Married In Las Vegas? This 'Bachelor' Couple May Have Big Plans For Their Trip

Getting engaged on The Bachelor isn’t easy — you’ve only know each other for six weeks, and then you have to go out into the world and proclaim that everything is hunky dory and you want to get married on television. That’s probably why Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell called their engagement off on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After. They said they wanted to create a better foundation for marriage, but with a trip to Sin City planned with their friends, will Ben and Lauren get marred in Las Vegas on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After ?

I know I said they called everything off, but things may have changed a little. For their one-year anniversary, Ben and Lauren opted not to celebrate themselves but instead to celebrate a local couple, Ranya and Byron, who deserved it. Ranya and Byron provide support, financial and otherwise, to veterans and returning soldiers in the area, so much so that they neglected to finish their own home! Ben and Lauren fixed it for them, and Ben talked a lot about how it meant so much to him to have a partner that could do that kind of thing with him. Then he questioned if he should have called off the engagement to begin with… does this mean he’ll suggest an elopement at their joint bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas?

It could happen! Ben and Lauren seem like a deeply personal couple, so I was surprised that they even opted to get married on television at all. If they could fly their parents and other loved ones to Las Vegas for a quick ceremony, why not? It would be an amazing weekend, and it would be doing exactly what they wanted to do for themselves. They could even have another ceremony and party when they get back to Denver! Will Ben and Lauren get married in Vegas? Stranger things have happened.

Images: Ronda Churchill/Freeform (2)