17 Thanksgiving Episodes On Netflix That Will Put You In A Grateful Mood

Let's be honest, thanks to the 2016 election, this Thanksgiving likely won't be an easy one to get through. But one thing you can definitely be thankful for is the fact that Netflix is filled with Thanksgiving-themed episodes. To keep all the fighting at bay, maybe just think of turning on your television this year and queuing up a family sitcom that will give your mom, dad, siblings, and crazy uncle all the feels. Who can possibly resist the nostalgic charms of say The Wonder Years or Friends? Honestly, who doesn't like Friends? The only fight you could possibly get into there is over who is the best Friend.

Live vicariously through the characters that get to tell their family just how they feel, without causing a scene. Oh yes, there's more than a few of those shows on this list. Find your zen with a good half-hour comedy that will help you laugh through any uncomfortable moments, instead of curling up in fetal position somewhere that you hope no one will find you. This year, you're ready to conquer Thanksgiving thanks to Netflix's wide selection of TV shows that understand it's not always easy to have a conversation with the ones you loved. Especially if their political views don't exactly line up with yours.

These Thanksgiving episodes, whether they're traditional or completely not (looking at you, Orange Is The New Black), will make your holidays a lot more enjoyable. So take a deep breath and update your queue, this Thanksgiving is going to be better than you expected.

1. Friends, "The One With All The Thanksgivings"

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There are so many Friends Thanksgiving specials to choose from that, honestly, you can't go wrong. But this one from Season 5 that has Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Phoebe telling their worst Thanksgiving stories feels about right for 2016. Not like that turkey that gets stuck on Joey's head. That was clearly too small.

2. Gilmore Girls, "Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"

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Lorelai and Rory overbook themselves in this episode that has them sitting through four dinners. Stomachs of steel, those girls. But it's drunk Sookie that we should be most thankful for. Bless her heart for smiling through Jackson's deep-fried turkey dinner that ruined their grass. If the day becomes trying, you may want to follow her lead and have a margarita or 10. On the rocks with salt.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, "My First Thanksgiving With Josh"

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Rebecca Bunch is spending her holiday with Josh Chan and his entire Filipino family, and she's spending all of her time trying to prove to Josh's family that she's way better than his girlfriend, Valencia. What she really should have been doing is impressing Josh. That's her first mistake. The second? Eating heaping helpings of food from a culture she's not so familiar with. This is how she ends up in the bathroom alone, while her crush has sex with his girlfriend right outside the door. It's safe to say, this episode is not for your more conservative family members.

4. How I Met Your Mother, "Slapsgiving"

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Fight the urge to actually slap anyone in your family by living vicariously through Marshall. In this Season 3 episode, Marshall and Lily are celebrating their first holiday as a married couple, which is all fine and sweet. But what we really want to see is Marshall slap Barney for the third time as a part of their previous bet. The anticipation is going to be legen — wait for it — dary.

5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs"

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For all the things you can't say to your family, let the Always Sunny gang help you. In this episode, the guys and Sweet Dee invite all their enemies over for a Thanksgiving meal as a mea culpa. Doesn't quite the way they planned.

6. Orange Is the New Black, "F---sgiving"

ElJefe316 on YouTube

Need something a bit more R-rated this Turkey Day? Then head to Litchfield prison for a day you'll never forget, filled with solitary confinement, no suicides and NPR interviews. Oh, and some impressive dancing from Piper and Alex to Kelis' "Milkshake."

7. Bob's Burgers, "Dawn Of The Peck"

When a flock of deranged wild turkeys turn against everyone in town, Linda and the kids have to figure out a way to survive in this Dawn Of The Dead parody. Bob is no help though, since he's getting drunk and stressing out about not cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

8. Friday Night Lights, "Thanksgiving"

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Like football, but aren't really into the Turkey Day games? Then head to Texas to watch the Dillon Lions duke it in one of the most important games they'll ever play. Or just enjoy watching Taylor Kitsch. Tim Riggins forever.

9. Glee, "Thanksgiving"

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If you need a tune to carry you through this holiday, check out this Season 4 episode of Glee that unites the past and present New Directions to help make it to sectionals. Or take solace in knowing your Thanksgiving can't be as bad as Rachel and Kurt's.

10. Jane The Virgin, "Chapter Twenty-Eight"


This may not be a traditional family, but it's one that will make you want to ignore any of your crazy uncle's comments for the day. That's progress, people.

11. Parenthood, "Happy Thanksgiving"


Need a good cry this Thanksgiving? Well, you'll found the right show. This 2010 episode is filled with drama just like most family holidays. This one though probably has way more dancing.

12. The Wonder Years, "The Ties That Bind"


Get nostalgic with this episode where Kevin Arnold's dad can't be home for Thanksgiving. It'll make you want to hug your mom and dad.

13. Pretty Little Liars, "Taking This One to the Grave"


Add a little mystery to your day with this Season 5 Thanksgiving-themed episode that begins with a murderous dinner that will make your holiday bloodbath seem tame in comparison.

14. Grey's Anatomy, "Somebody That I Used To Know"


Meredith plans a Thanksgiving dinner that you already know is going to be awkward. But, hey, better theirs than yours, right?

15. New Girl, "Parents"

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Jess goes full-on Parent Trap in this second season episode in which her divorce parents end up coming to dinner at the same time. Meanwhile, CeCe and Winston are trying to figure who is the "true Schmidt," Schmidt or his lug head of a cousin. But, when this ragtag group sits to dinner you may feel way too much at home.

16. Gossip Girl, “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!"

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This episode gives us two Thanksgivings. One is the current one, the other is from a year ago. Let's just say, what a difference a year makes. Though no matter how bad Thanksgiving gets, Blair and Serena always look good.

17. Cheers, "Thanksgiving Orphans"

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For the Thanksgiving where you just don't feel you belong, go to the bar where everyone knows your name.

A way to keep yourself sane and entertained this holiday is just a click away.

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