Are New KyShadow Palettes In The Works? Kylie Jenner Shared Some Exciting Updates On Snapchat

It's been a big month for Kylie Jenner and her eponymous company Kylie Cosmetics. Not only did she release her first collaboration with sister Khloe Kardashian, but she also launched her massive holiday collection. Now, new Kylie Cosmetics KyShadow palettes seem to be in the works according to Jenner's Snapchat. While the image was of course in black and white as per usual, it's nonetheless exciting to know that new products are still coming from Kylie Cosmetics despite its recent massive launch.

On Wednesday, Jenner posted a quick sneak peek of what could be coming next from her cosmetics brand to her Snapchat. In it, fans are able to glimpse what appears to not just be one, but five new KyShadows. To many that may seem to be excessive. However, if I had to guess they aren't all new. Instead, it seems as if they're prototypes of a few different potential palettes.

Jenner has already mentioned that her burgundy palette took several attempts to perfect. My guess is that's the guess for the seemingly upcoming palettes for the brand as well. One thing is certain, though, it looks as though Jenner is keeping shimmers alongside her matte shadows. Like the Holiday Edition Collection Kyshadow and the Burgundy Palette a matte and shimmer mix seems to be the new Kylie Cosmetics standard.

As for when fans could expect to see these new palettes? It's difficult to tell. There was quite a gap between the launch of the Bronze and Burgundy palettes. While the distance between the Burgundy and Holiday was a bit shorter, it definitely takes Jenner some time to develop the shades.

The time gap between releases is not necessarily a bad thing considering that the shades are always spot-on during the release. Since the release of the Bronze Palette, Jenner had been teasing the other two, and while fans had to wait. They were perfection. Now, fans are getting excited for the latest additions to the family even if they're somewhat depressed as well.

While knowledge may be vague about the upcoming KyShadow palettes, fans now know they're coming. Based on the already released palettes, these new shades are sure to be incredible.