7 Things To Do With Your Partner On Black Friday That Aren't Shopping

The black Friday sales are my least favorite part of Thanksgiving. You're all spending time as a family, then suddenly people start disappearing to go to the mall. And in fact, some people now start going shopping on Thanksgiving day itself, straight from the dinner table. It sort of defeats the whole point of the holiday, right? It's supposed to be a time for bonding with your family and if you're lucky enough to have your partner around this holiday, you should take advantage of the time together. So instead of spending Black Friday waiting to stampede anyone shorter than you for a half-priced TV, use your time to actually get into the holiday season.

I get wanting to find deals, there's nothing wrong with that — the holiday season is an expensive time and we could all use to save some money. But there are other ways to do it. You can shop online, you can shop before or after the actual holiday. Plus, being out on Black Friday is just too overwhelming to be fun. The holiday period is limited and you want to use your time wisely. So here are some things you can do with your partner that have nothing to do with shopping:

1. Get Outside


Let's face it, you're probably going to feel pretty groggy and carbo-loaded on Black Friday. I'm always twitching from a post-sugar rush come down and tempted to just start eating pie and ice cream as soon as I wake up. Fight that urge. You'll get some great bonding time with your partner— and start bouncing back from overdoing it on Thanksgiving— if you head out and get some fresh air. Just a walk can make all the difference.

2. Give Back


Now that you've celebrated, time to get into the actual holiday spirit and give back. Soup kitchens are full of volunteers around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but talk to them about when in the down time they need help and how you can give it. Or choose a charity that you both care about it and look at how to support it. There are so many ways to give.

3. Spend Some Stress-Free Family Time


Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about family, but normally it ends up being about surviving your family. Now that the cooking is done and the tempers have calmed down, you and your partner can get some actual quality time with your family (or both your families). It's the perfect opportunity to do some proper bonding.

4. Do Something Active


I know you don't probably feel like it, but going for a quick jog together will pump you full of the endorphins you probably need after a day of family stress. If you're somewhere you can go ice skating or skiing and really get into the holiday season, even better. You'll feel better for it and be proud of yourselves for finally peeling each other off the couch.

5. Celebrate Privately


If Thanksgiving was a whirlwind, take the day after to celebrate just the two of you. You're your own little family unit and there's plenty to be thankful for, so take a moment to breathe and recognize that — just you and your partner. Whether you watch your favorite show or spend hours playing Porn or Poultry, LELO's addictive (and festive online game), your quality time together will easily beat waiting on lines at the mall.

6. Go Visit Someone Who Might Need It


The holidays are a hard time for a lot of people. You probably know a friend or family member who doesn't have many people around them, so make a visit to go see them. Even going over for a cup of coffee or a chat can make all the difference to them. It's might not be much time of your day, but it has a huge impact. Plus, it feels really great to do something worthwhile as a couple.

7. Plan Something Fun And Set Goals For Next Year


After this, it's a flat run until 2017. It's all parties and holidays and New Years. If you have things you want to do or goals you want to reach next year— as a couple or separately— you should both take this little lull to plan it. Next year will be here before you know it and it's nice to have some time to get excited about it as a couple.

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