How To Stream 21 ABC Family Christmas Movies

ABC Family may have gotten a makeover this year, changing its name to Freeform and earning a brand new logo, but some things don't change, like the network's classic 25 Days of Christmas. In December, Freeform will transform itself into Christmas central, airing Christmas classics and original, holiday-themed movies all month leading up to December 25th. Unfortunately, not all of the network's original Christmas movies will get the rerun treatment. But, worry not because I've got the down-low on how to stream ABC Family Christmas movies (or Freeform Christmas movies).

Over the years, Freeform/ABC Family has produced well over a dozen original Christmas movies, and, unfortunately, not all of them are available for streaming. Even more distressing: none of them are available to stream for free. However, a good majority of ABC Family original Christmas movies are available online through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or through your Cable subscriber, you just have to know where to look! Here's how to stream 21 ABC Family Christmas movies this holiday season, and what you might have to pay to do it.

1. Christmas Every Day

One of ABC Family's very first original films, Christmas Every Day is available to stream on Freeform.com with your cable subscription.

2. Special Delivery

Special Delivery, which came out when the network was still called Fox Family, is also available on Freeform.com as part of their 25 Days of Christmas.

3. Santa Baby

You can stream Jenny McCarthy's Santa-debut on Freeform.com...

4. Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

And you can also stream the sequel, Santa Baby 2, on Freeform.com. Or, if you want to own this Christmas classic forever, you can purchase it on iTunes ($3.99).

5. Snow

Snow is available to stream on Freeform.com (again, only with your cable subscription), and to purchase on iTunes ($3.99).

6. Snow 2: Brain Freeze

The sequel, Snow 2: Brain Freeze is also available to stream on Freeform.com, and to purchase on iTunes ($3.99) if you don't have a cable subscription.

7. Chasing Christmas

Chasing Christmas is only available for subscribers via Freeform.com.

8. Christmas Bounty

You can watch ABC Family's co-production with WWE, Christmas Bounty, on Freeform.com with subscription, but the film is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Video ($9.99).

9. Desperately Seeking Santa

Watch a woman search for a hot santa in Desperately Seeking Santa, available to stream on Freeform.com, or buy it on iTunes ($3.99).

10. Snowglobe

If you subscribe to ABC Family, you can stream Snowglobe on Freeform.com. But, if you don't, the movie is also available to purchase and download on iTunes ($3.99).

11. The Mistle-Tones

You can stream this Christmas musical on Freeform.com — again, only with your subscription! And, if you love a good holiday musical, The Mistle-Tones is also available for purchase on iTunes ($3.99).

12. Holiday in Handcuffs

Holiday in Handcuffs, a more recent ABC Family classic, is available to stream on Freeform.com, and to buy on iTunes ($9.99).

13. Christmas Cupid

Christmas Cupid (a personal favorite of mine) is available to stream on Freeform.com and to purchase on iTunes ($3.99).

14. 12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas is the only ABC Family original Christmas movie available to stream on Netflix, so it's pretty special. The movie is also available for purchase on iTunes ($3.99).

15. Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas in Wonderland is available to stream on Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. If those don't work for you, you can also rent the movie on iTunes ($2.99)

16. The Dog Who Saved Christmas

The Dog Who Saved Christmas is available to rent from iTunes and Amazon Video ($2.99).

17. The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation

After you've seen The Dog Who Saved Christmas, rent the sequel, The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation, on iTunes or Amazon Video ($2.99).

18. Christmas Caper

Christmas Caper is available to rent on Amazon Video ($2.99), but, if you love it, you can also buy it on iTunes ($3.99).

19. Home Alone: Holiday Heist

Home Alone: The Holiday Heist is available to rent on iTunes and Amazon Video ($2.99), depending on your preference.

20. Christmas Do-Over

If you want to watch Christmas Do-Over, you're going to have to buy it. It's available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon Video ($9.99).

21. Holidaze

Holidaze is only available to buy on iTunes ($2.99).

And, there you have it! If you don't have those extra dollars to spend on a nice, Christmas movie night, then consider checking out Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas schedule — I guarantee you some of these films will be on it.

Images: ABC Family/Freeform (14); Amazon (8)