11 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Memes That Show Exactly Why The Wait Is Too Long

Listen, I get that TV shows aren't made in a day. Especially ones that are filled with standout CGI sequences, that are filmed in not just different countries, but different continents, and that have a gigantic ensemble cast. Basically, I understand why we have to wait for Game of Thrones Season 7. But, that doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm a millennial. I am impatient by nature, or I suppose, nurture. This exceedingly long hiatus is eating away at me and would have probably caused full on Westeros withdrawal symptoms. That is, if it weren't for all of the hilarious Game of Thrones Season 7 memes that show the wait is too long.

I have always thought that humor was the best coping mechanism and it's clear that the internet agrees. Memes are most definitely not new or specific to GoT, but I'd argue that GoT fans are especially good at making them. And they're even better at eliciting a hardy laugh or two as well. Besides, remember the "Winter is coming" meme? GoT fans have been pros at meme making from the start and seven seasons in, they have only gotten better at it.

Here are 11 memes that prove the wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 is like way, way too long:

1. Because We All Feel Like This Forlorn Dog

He is so damn sad about it, just like us.

2. And, This Super Old Kid

The wait for Season 7 is weathering us all.

3. Even The Book Memes Bleed Into The Show Ones

Sure, the wait for the books is probably way worse. But, the immediacy of TV makes this feel just as bad.

4. The Realness Of This

I haven't eaten, haven't slept... OK, that's an exaggeration.

5. When Even The Characters Are Getting In On It

*Deep labored sigh* I feel you, dudes.

6. A Relatable Coping Mechanism

Whatever works, you know?

7. When You Get Your Hopes Up For Them To Be Immediately Crushed

It's all very bittersweet.

8. Kit Harington Gets It

He always does.

9. When The Feeling Of Loss Bubbles Up Again

*Clutches heart*

10. Because Let's Be Real, We've Felt Like This Before Season 6 Even Ended

Game of Thrones fans should probably learn how to live in the moment given how everything is so fleeting, but alas...

11. Lest We Forget About Those Poor Bingers

Honestly, this is way worse for them. They're not used to any wait at all.

We are all in this waiting game together. Memes make it more bearable though, don't they?

Image: HBO