These Creepy Camping Stories From Reddit Might Make You Never Want To Go Outside Again

As fall draws to a close, so does the camping season. Some brave (or self-punishing) souls might try to enjoy the great outdoors despite the frigid temperatures, but for the most part, if you haven't gone camping yet this year, you probably won't plan a trip until next spring. You know what that means? It's the perfect season to read up on creepy camping stories from Reddit. Let me explain: You can give yourself the shivers now, but by the time you get around to camping again next year, the terror will have faded — at least, that's the idea. If you're anything like me, you'll forget all about them until the worst possible moment, like the next time you're camping in the middle of nowhere. But that's the kind of risk I'm willing to take.

Anyone in possession of an Internet connection and an interest in horror is probably familiar with Ask Reddit, where "tell us your creepy stories" threads are common. In fact, unusual camping stories have come up in the past a few times. On Thursday, Reddit user TheLostBandit dusted off the topic once more when they posted the following question: "Campers of Reddit, what is the creepiest, strangest, or straight up scariest thing you've experienced while camping in the woods?"

As always, Reddit users delivered on the creepy. If you have some free time to devote to the thousands of comments, head over to Ask Reddit. Otherwise, check out the eight best stories from the thread, as curated by yours truly. Either way, grab some hot chocolate and a blanket, and prepare to be grateful that you live indoors.

1. The Hunter

It's scary enough if this was somehow accidental. The idea that it was on purpose flies straight past creepy and into terrifying.

2. Never Go Cowboy Camping

Tents might not do much against a bear, but they certainly provide psychological support.

3. Putting The "Terror" In Night Terrors

The author of this comment went on to clarify that they were camping in southeast London, where bobcats and mountain lions don't typically live. (Their cries are often said to sound like human screaming.) Furthermore, the screaming was interspersed with cries for someone's mother. Yikes.


4. Mother Nature Was Not Happy

Remember to check the weather before you camp, kids. Not that it helps against freak tornadoes, I suppose, but it certainly can't hurt.

5. Twist Ending

As far as outdoor surprises go, this could have ended far worse.

6. Nature Peeing Will Never Be The Same

Moral of the story: Nature peeing is The Worst, capital letters very much included. If you're interested, the author of the comment explained what happened next in a longer comment, which you can read here.


7. The Source Of The Whistle

According to Redditor oneninefiveeight, the whistling stopped as soon as they returned to the campsite. Something tells me they made the right choice in staying far, far away from the source of the whistling.

8. Stranger Danger

As always, the scariest stories are about people.


Images: Lukas Neasi/Unsplash, Reddit, Giphy