These 'GoT' GIFs Sum Up Your Winter Feels

Ned Stark told you true, winter is always coming, and when it arrives it brings with it both awesomeness (holidays, sweaters, bonfires) and horrors even the free folk beyond the Wall would shrink from (chapped lips, shoveling driveways, frozen noses). Winter is a controversial season, and chances are your feelings on the subject are mixed. As in all things, Game of Thrones has your back. If you need to express your winter feels, these Game of Thrones gifs will do the trick.

It doesn't matter if you are a snowman enthusiast or if you spend the winter months hibernating inside with Netflix and a stack of blankets, these Game of Thrones gifs are all you need to explain to your friends how you feel about the chilliest season. Winter is serious business, just ask any of the Starks. For better or worse, winter is upon you, and it is time to take a stand on how you feel about this hectic, holiday filled time of year — break out the many faces of Jon Snow to illustrate your complicated winter feelings, and throw in a well-timed warning from Ned for good measure.

These Game of Thrones gifs are you during the winter. Hang on, guys, it's about to get way too real.

1. When The Wind Ruins Your Hair The Minute You Step Outside

It's like winter knows when you spent an extra hour getting your curls perfect.

2. That Moment When You Are Waiting For Someone In The Cold

With each passing moment you wait for your friend, you become more and more certain this is how you die: frozen outside the cinema because your BFF's cab got stuck in traffic.

3. Spooning Becomes A Way Of Life

Winter is prime spooning season even if you don't have a significant other. Nothing makes you happier when it is freezing outside than to come home and be your dog's big spoon.

4. You Use Special Tactics To Get Through Family Gatherings

Much like Cersei, wine is your friend during the winter.

5. When You Finally Get To Rock Your New Winter Coat

The best part of winter is getting to rock your glamorous faux fur.

6. How You Feel After Being Outside All Day

That moment when you realize everything is chapped. Everything.

7. You Indulging In A Hot Shower

Excuse me, where is the blazing inferno setting on this tap?

8. The Special Superiority You Feel When You Remember Your Gloves

What now, snow? These hands are covered.

9. When The Winter Blues Hit

Stupid wind, stupid snow, stupid sleet making it impossible to ever leave the house again...

10. The Moment Someone Steals All The Blankets

Look, it is bad enough when someone takes away your burrito of warmth during a normal time of year, but when they do it in the winter it is downright evil.

11. When You Try To Push Your Way To The Front Of The Starbucks Line

You don't care if you get a holiday cup as long as someone gives you something you can drink to defrost your soul.

12. The Way You Look At Your Bed After A Long Day Of Being Battered By The Elements

Hello, old friend.

13. How You Turn Down Invitations For Unnecessary Reasons To Leave The House

You have plans to Netflix and warm until April.

No one will ever understand your relationship with winter quite like Game of Thrones does.

Images: HBO; Giphy (13)